Mercedes-Benz 300 SL

To describe the eternal classic 300 SL means to carry coals to Newcastle. Gull-wing doors, tubular frame, gasoline injection: all facets of the once fastest road sports car were discussed in detail.

IMG 8768Final800 KopieLittle is known that the German economic miracle of the 1950s also produced figures who cultivated an almost exhibitionist approach to their wealth. This species included the Saarland manufacturer Dr. Kurt Schneider, who loved to show his extravagances – such as his cheetah, who often accompanied him. Not quite as exotic as his favorite pet was his favorite car: this Mercedes-Benz Gullwing, which he got delivered in June 1955. Schneider had ordered him with a silver-gray silk gloss special paint, with turquoise leather interior and matching tinted hubcaps. It is a matter of honor that the third and current owner had the car restored according to this bold specification.

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