Range Rover Classic By LUNAZ Design

Lunaz was established to advance the legacies of the most beautiful cars in the world. The founders believe in the unparalleled appeal of timeless aesthetics, complemented by the powertrain of the future.

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Lunaz transforms these iconic machines into relevant and practical propositions for the 21st century. A classic car by Lunaz is not merely intended for the current generation; it is designed to be driven and cherished for generations to come.

Each classic by Lunaz serves as an unwavering representation of the original, with electrification addressing concerns of usability, reliability, and sustainability. This transformation empowers owners to seamlessly integrate these vehicles into their daily lives.

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The company engages in the restoration, enhancement, and creation of these automobiles, recognizing their cultural value extends beyond mere functionality. The passion for these cars is evident in every stitch, weld, and line of code.

Lunaz is aware that its customers share a commitment to ensuring these cars remain on the road, visible, and enjoyed for many decades. The company is enthusiastic about collaborating with its clientele in a collective mission to rejuvenate the most significant cars ever created.

Range Rover Classics

The time is right to further the legacy of the definitive SUV. The Lunaz approach to restoration, re-engineering and conversion marries the classic aesthetics of a 20th century icon with the driveability, usability and sustainability of a clean-air, nextgeneration powertrain.

In conceiving the approach to breathing new life into these remarkable cars, Lunaz concluded that it is essential to create exquisitely restored and re-engineered cars across the full range of Range Rover Classics. This means you can select from Standard or Long Wheelbase, either 2 door or 4 door, in city or country configuration and even some of the very special vehicles that have defined one of the most celebrated legacies in automotive history.

Each Range Rover Classic by Lunaz represents an entirely unique expression of the breed, built in the image of its customer. Build allocation is strictly limited to 50 individual vehicles in the first tranche of production, a number selected to mark the first half-century of production of this quintessential British classic.

Upcycling & Restoration

Beyond ensuring the most beautiful and significant cars in the world remain a presence on the road for generations to come, Lunaz have built the company in the spirit of the principles of the circular economy.

The world requires a shift in approach towards consumption. Lunaz takes what already exists and applies an exhaustive approach to upcycling, re-engineering and restoration to ensure it remains a relevant and usable proposition for many years to come.

The bare-metal restoration and conversion process starts with an intricate inspection. Weight distribution is measured to the gram, informing chassis, powertrain and suspension.

Range Rover Classic by Lunaz 5 1536x646 1Scanning creates the 3D CAD models that ensure technical perfection. Traditional coachbuilding and restoration skills come to the fore as the car is stripped down to bare metal. Imperceptible body defects are addressed by hand before the surface finish and the paint process begins.

The same meticulous approach extends to the interior. The in-house design team plans subtle adaptations to fulfil the promise of modern comfort. Seamlessly integrating infotainment, WiFi, audio and navigation.


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