Land Rover x Bamford London LR001

Designed by Land Rover and built by Bamford London, the 100-piece limited-edition LR001 watch harnesses the shared commitment to design and precision of these two brands. Like the incomparable SUV that inspired it, the LR001 is a creative endeavour for adventurous hearts.

Reflecting the Defender design language, the LR001 combines restrained surfaces with inherent capability. Built to last with a 40mm grey titanium case and a premium Sellita SW200-1b automatic movement, it embodies sustainability through longevity.

The visually engaging design has a toned grey cut-away dial that highlights its technical precision. Underneath the cutaway dial is the hidden luminescence, emitting a subtle green hue for low-light use. It features subtle ‘LR001’ text in Bamford’s signature aqua blue at six o’clock on the dial.

Four resilient bio-based 18mm straps are available, in black, navy, light tan and dark tan. Each one is a sustainable alternative to traditional leather. Plus a unique acrylic packaging making it lightweight and easy to transport on adventures.
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