Snow Fun- Ferrari Purosangue On Icy Roads

Nothing can be left to chance for the first public appearance of a star that refuses to fit in with the rest. Thus, the Purosangue chose to put itself to the test with journalists and under the discerning eye of the public in Madonna di Campiglio, in the splendid mountains of Trentino, Italy.

Snow Fun- Ferrari Purosangue Gets Testes On Icy Roads

An idyllic location – in a highly refined mountain setting – to show off its unique beauty, whilst at the same time reaffirming its multi-faceted personality in an environment of demanding, snow-covered roads. The two testers from The Official Ferrari Magazine were equally exceptional: Andrea Bertolini, with a winning track-record of 10 international GT titles plus 33 years as a Ferrari factory driver – and Lilou Wadoux, at 21, the Ferrari Competizioni GT first official female driver, set to make her debut at the wheel of a 296 GT3 at Sebring.

The first contact is in the hotel car park. Amidst the barrage of glistening 4X4 station wagons and SUVs, the Purosangue immediately stands out from the standard current models of luxury four-door sports cars. Lilou and Andrea wander around it, pointing out details, exchanging smiles. “The design is fantastic. The Purosangue appears compact with seemingly simple lines that set it apart from any other car. But it is undoubtedly a Ferrari,” is Lilou’s first impression.

It is time to climb aboard the Purosangue and leave the centre of Madonna di Campiglio – with its chalets and discreet, sophisticated glamour – and head for the mountains bathed in the golden light reflected by the Dolomites, home to over 160 kilometres of ski slopes.

Whatever the spirit with which one gets behind the wheel, the roar of the 12 cylinders around the hairpin bends leading to the Patascoss mountain lodge leaves no doubt about the Purosangue’s DNA.

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“The amount of technical content aboard the Purosangue is impressive,” says Andrea. “Today I was truly surprised by the ease of driving, around the hairpins, on hill climbs, in any situation demanding grip. It immediately puts you at ease and is extremely pleasurable to drive, both for novice and more experienced piloti.”

The ultimate testing ground is beyond the Patascoss lodge, along the 5 Laghi road, a route normally reserved for snowcats and snowmobiles. The ground is icy, the route very wavy. Lilou cannot restrain her racing spirit and puts the pedal to the metal. However, the 6D motion sensors, ABS-Evo braking, grippy all-wheel drive transmission and 4RM-S Evo rear-wheel steering keep everything firmly under control. At the end of the forest, the way opens out onto a breathtaking sight. A large natural terrace overlooks the golden Brenta Dolomites on one side and the granite peaks of the Adamello range on the other.

The Adamello-Brenta Nature Park stretches out as far as the eye can see, with its characteristic pastures, forest lakes and glaciers. In this large clearing, Andrea too unleashes his racing spirit, showing off a series of drifts as if he were at the wheel of a GT racing car.

The final test is to reach a mountain cabin on the white Campo Carlo Magno plain – with its spectacular backdrop of snow-capped peaks – for a lunch break. The midday sun has melted the top layer of snow, the switchback bends have holes where the snow has softened, but nothing seems to unnerve the Purosangue, which climbs with grace, leaving the passengers unshaken.

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At the top, the road ends right next to the slopes. Like a magnet, the Purosangue attracts the attention of the skiers. There are innumerable requests for selfies with the rossa. One Ferrari client gets a close-up glimpse; he had ordered one having only seen it in a photo. “In real life it’s even more gorgeous than I had imagined. What a thrill!” he exclaims.

Andrea is certain of this: “The Purosangue is the expression of the emotions that a Ferrari can give when driving. It’s a true supercar, but at the same time is easy for daily use in any kind of weather and grip conditions. I believe that, with this car, Ferrari has created a model that will leave a mark on its history.”

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Report by Gianemilio Mazzoleni / Photoy byPhilipp Rupprecht

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