Explore With The New Ducati DesertX Rally

Whether you’re looking for off-road adventure or the competition of a rally-raid, the Ducati DesertX Rally is here to help you conquer the toughest challenges and push yourself beyond every limit.Ducati DesertX Rally DWP24 Overview gallery 1920x1080 01

Unleash Your Dreams
Born in the desert and raised off-road, the DesertX Rally is ready to accompany you on your most extreme adventures with its its top-notch professional off-roading equipment.

For The Most Demanding Off-Road Riders
Heightened off-road performance, top-notch componentry. Ready to race and take on the most extreme adventures.

Race-Spec Equipment
Pro KYB suspension with increased travel, greater ground clearance, dedicated wheels, and reinforced components for extreme off-road use.

Designed For Off-Roading
Mass-colored plastics and adhesive PVC graphics for greater resistance. A robust sports-tool that instils safety and proficiency on any terrain.



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