Crafting Timeless Helmets For The Mille Miglia And Goodwood Experience

As a passionate classic car and vintage enthusiast, I had the opportunity to interview Danilo Coto, a vintage bike and car aficionado from Costa Rica. Danilo’s journey is an inspiring tale that revolves around his unique love affair with vintage helmets and their connection to two of the most prestigious events in the classic car world: the Mille Miglia and Goodwood.

Danilo Coto Cruz: Crafting Timeless Helmets For The Mille Miglia And Goodwood Experience

Danilo Coto Cruz: Crafting Timeless Helmets For The Mille Miglia And Goodwood Experience

Danilo’s entrancing journey began when he set his sights on acquiring a 1955 German bike, a true gem from the golden era of motorcycles. The previous owner had held onto the original helmet that came with the bike, treating it as a cherished memory of his youth. Danilo, captivated by the idea of riding the bike with its original helmet, approached the owner with a heartfelt request to purchase it, which he denied.

The Birth of a Passion

Undeterred by the initial setback, Danilo eventually acquired the bike but couldn’t let go of his burning desire to own that vintage helmet. He made several return visits to the owner, each time met with the same refusal. This relentless pursuit led Danilo to explore alternative avenues in his quest to fulfil his dream of owning a vintage helmet.

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With unwavering determination, Danilo immersed himself in the rich history and heritage of helmets, delving into the stories behind British helmets, German helmets, and racing helmets. As years passed, Danilo decided to participate in an auction, a pivotal moment that would bring him one step closer to realising his dream of owning a piece of history.

His journey took a fortuitous turn during a trip to Germany when he came face
to face with the very same type of helmet he had yearned for since his first
encounter with the bike’s original owner. Guided by a fellow enthusiast in Germany, he discovered an antique shop where he finally secured that elusive
piece of history. Danilo’s love for vintage helmets had ignited, and it became a passion that still carries him to this day.

Danilo’s journey didn’t end with collecting vintage helmets; he aspired to create something unique, something that would pay homage to the classics he held dear. Thus began his journey into the art of crafting helmets. Over a gruelling three-year period filled with moments of doubt and frustration, he tirelessly perfected his craft. His hard work and determination culminated in the creation of his first handcrafted helmet, a momentous achievement.

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The Turning Point

A turning point in Danilo’s life came when a post on his social media account, showcasing his newly crafted helmet, captured the attention of a British enthusiast. This individual possessed original labels from a racing helmet, sparking a year-long conversation that resulted in an order for a hundred helmets featuring those very labels. This marked a significant milestone in Danilo’s journey.

Danilo’s brand of vintage helmets was born, featuring designs meticulously
crafted by his own hands. His unwavering dedication to preserving the essence of classic aesthetics captured the hearts of vintage and classic car enthusiasts worldwide.

A Dream Come True at the Mille Miglia and Goodwood

Among his many achievements, Danilo’s collaboration with the prestigious Mille
Miglia and Goodwood events stands out as a crowning accomplishment. His vintage helmets became an integral part of these two remarkable events, offering a unique blend of history and style to attendees.

Danilo Coto’s journey from a vintage bike and car enthusiast to a renowned vintage helmet craftsman is a testament to the power of passion and dedication.
His story embodies perseverance, creativity, and an enduring love for classic aesthetics. Danilo continues to craft these timeless treasures that transport us back to the glorious eras of vintage racing. As vintage and classic enthusiasts, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter of Danilo’s journey, eager to see the timeless treasures he will uncover and share with the world in the future.

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Ferrari Movie!

“It all started when we were in Rome, Italy, waiting for the Mille Miglia, and I received an email inviting me to participate in the production of helmets and shoes for the Ferrari movie. At that moment, we didn’t know if it was a real email or just another one trying to take advantage of our products. We spoke with Nella’s cousin, who lives in Rome, and asked her if she knew the company that had sent us the email.

She confirmed that it was genuine and that Massimo Cantini Parrini had been nominated for an Oscar for Best Costume Design in movies. We confirmed the address of the location and found that it was less than 1 km away. We replied to the email and were immediately invited to the office for a meeting.

The meeting was one of the most exciting moments we have had, as we dealt with people who had thoroughly studied the history of the clothing and accessories of the Mille Miglia and 1950s F1 drivers, with physical illustrations of each of the drivers. We reviewed the details of the attire for each of them, such as the colour of threads with which the leather and fabric of the helmets were sewn, different fastenings that each driver used to facilitate their use, such as vents to improve air flow, metal hooks to hold the goggles’ strap, special clasps to attach accessories on the visors, etc

Three weeks later, we received confirmation that we had been chosen to manufacture the helmets and shoes for the new Ferrari movie. This office was selected by Michael Mann to be in charge of the complete wardrobe for the film.

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After the filming wrapped up, we weren’t certain whether the helmets would actually appear in the movie, as anything could happen in a project with such a high budget. However, weeks later, we began to see photographs and videos taken by paparazzi during the filming, and we confirmed that indeed those were our helmets, which was extremely exciting.”

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Report by Ruba Wight


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