Boutique Hotel Colima 71

The Boutique Hotel Colima 71 in Roma, Mexico City, designed by Mexican architect Alberto Kalach and interior design by Nomah Studio and Karla Celerio Interiorismo, redefines urban life by combining the best standards, modernity, and authentic Mexican hospitality.

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Located on the emblematic Colima Street, travelers seeking the best architecture, gastronomy, and art are welcome at our boutique hotel in Mexico City. Here you will find a cosmopolitan atmosphere that exalts the beauty of artistic creations such as the lattice of Sofía Taboas, the photographic collection of Iñaki Bonilla, and a spectacular sculpture by Darío Escobar.

Colima 71 Art Design Hotel is a link that takes you to new experiences ranging from the Coffee Bar, where you can taste the best Mexican products, to a Honesty Bar, a new concept to make you feel at home to spaces such as a Courtyard, Working Booths and Library where you can relax and organize your itinerary through Mexico City.


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