Awarded Cabin Anna

In October 2020, Cabin ANNA was presented to the world. Cabin ANNA is a dynamic home in the shape of an open platform for you to live with the elements, by playing with the configuration of the layers of the house. Just like the way you decide what to wear to suit different weather conditions, occasions and moods. International media immediately expressed overwhelming appreciation of the design.

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During his studies, Caspar created a new design derived from foundational philosophy of the Garden House. A philosophy where the initial spirit of flexibility and connectivity to the natural environment would remain. The goal was to design a sellable, fully habitable house, as a flatpack that could be built and re-built anywhere in the world. Thanks to his supporting partners, Caspar was able to build different prototypes in his search for the perfect cabin to connect nature, self and cabin dynamically. The first prototype was called ANNA Origin and is available to rent at Holenberg in the Netherlands. The primal experience of ANNA Origin has an authentic charm that makes an overnight stay extra special.

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