Automat A2 Turntable By Pro-Ject

Automat A2, the latest offering from Pro-Ject, ingeniously blends the convenience of automatic turntables with a steadfast commitment to superior sound quality. This turntable takes a novel approach by incorporating a floating sub-chassis design that houses the tonearm, platter bearing, and motor. With a single switch activation, the Automat A2 astutely merges user-friendly operation with unparalleled audio fidelity.

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Upon initiation, the turntable springs to life, setting the record into a harmonious spin, while the remarkably lightweight aluminum tonearm gracefully navigates its way to the record’s lead-in groove. Upon completion, the system elegantly lifts the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge from the vinyl’s surface, gently returning it to its resting position as the motor powers down, preserving the delicate nature of the playback process.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the main body boasts a robust construction of heavy MDF, meticulously hand-painted with an eight-layer matte black finish. The platter, engineered for optimal balance, is precision-crafted from aluminum and meticulously dampened to reduce vibration. The inclusion of a semi-balanced RCA cable ensures effortless connectivity to receivers, amplifiers, and powered speakers, underscoring the system’s commitment to user convenience.

Originating from the skilled craftsmanship of Germany, the Automat A2 stands as a testament to Pro-Ject’s dedication to both innovation and auditory excellence.


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