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One of only 99 DB AR1! This example does have the very rare hardtop with the characteristic Zagato so-called double-bubble shape! The perfectly maintained car has covered less than 55,000 km!

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There you are! Dr. Ulrich Bez, Aston Martin’s CEO, its 2001 and we are at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. You are seated next to Andrea Zagato, son of Elia Zagato. What exactly passed between the two at that table is not known. Two issues were however self-evident: Firstly Bez had been given the brief to reawaken public interest in Aston Martin by mother company Ford and secondly that American customers most likely be quite unhappy at potentially missing out on the DB7 Zagato because of prohibitively high costs associated with the type approval process. Well, there you are then sitting in probably the most beautiful garden in the world surrounded by fantastic people and the most stunning cars. You are not going to be thinking about problems, you would be looking for solutions over a good glass of wine.

Both gentlemen thought it would be an excellent idea to design a proper old fashion Roadster around the DB7, just for the American market. This has two enormous advantages. Aston Martin could offer an exclusive car to her most loyal customers in the States and because it was based on the existing DB7 Volante there would be no problems with type approval. The car that arose from talks between those two gents eventually became the Aston Martin AR1. “AR” is short for American Roadster. A few of the most loyal customers were offered the opportunity to see the car at an early phase when it only existed on paper and as a rough prototype. Their reaction was so good that Aston Martin and Zagato decided to build a limited edition of only 99 cars.

It was introduced to the public at large in 2002 during the Los Angeles car show. The car was immediately positively hailed, although that really was no of no consequence as all 99 cars had already been sold to the very best Aston Martin customers in the States. Whilst the car was intended as a pure Roadster, an open two-seater without a roof, Zagato developed a hardtop for those clients not living in sunny southern California. It was a very expensive option that was not often chosen.

This car does have a hardtop with that characteristic Zagato so-called double-bubble shape. This is a very well maintained BD AR1 with a striking finish. The car has a black metallic exterior matched with tan leather interior trim. The Aston Martin DB AR1 was not only a limited edition but also the top of the range model. So other than the hardtop there was no need to order any accessories. Items such as climate control, navigation, cruise control and fine leather upholstery were all offered as standard.

Of course, the top of the range model also needs to have the finest engine: a 6.0 V12 engine attached to a 5-speed ZF automatic and Tiptronic. This car is not only a joy to behold but a riot to drive. It takes just 4.9 seconds to go from zero to 100 km/hr, topping out at 300 km/hr. It elevated the DB AR1 to the fastest proper roadster of its day in the world. The car is both visually as well as mechanically in top condition. The fine bodywork is straight with correctly aligned panelwork. The car features the Nero Daytona finish of competitor Ferrari, which is of course in great condition and giving the car an ageless appeal. The car stands on wonderful 5-spoke 19 inch rims with correctly sized tyres. The interior trim is as striking as it is splendid. You won’t find rear seats as the American Roadster is a proper two-seater. The space usually reserved for the rear seats in a normal DB7 has been purposed as extra luggage space. The gauges, that all-natural tan leather has been perfectly cared for and looks fantastic, emphasising the overall great care this car has enjoyed. Mechanically everything is also tip-top.

This perfectly maintained car has covered less than 55,000 km. Maintenance is detailed in the extensive file containing invoices. The complete car wallet is also present as are two sets of keys and the original Becker Navigation manual. This is a unique opportunity to lay your hands on this Aston Martin. According to the connoisseurs, this is one of the most desirable models in Aston Martin’s history. Whether you want to add this car to your collection or you have just started a collection, this DB AR1 will undoubtedly form tits crowning glory. The chance you will be able to buy a hardtop Aston Martin DB AR1 in Europe will probably never arise again. Do not delay!

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