50 Years Of The 116 Series

These are the powerful attributes of the S-Class. The first luxury saloon to bear this name made its debut 50 years ago: a new star was born! The abbreviation stands for “special class”, but could just as well symbolise “style” or “star”. Today, the Mercedes-Benz 116 series inspires people just as much as it did in 1972. 

50 Years Of The 116 Series

The Mercedes-Benz 116 series

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The S-Class is top-notch. This certainty has always been a defining characteristic of the luxury saloons. Highlights of the 116 series include the top model 450 SEL 6.9 (210 kW/286 hp) presented in 1975 and the world premiere of the ABS anti-lock braking system in 1978.

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The “first” S-Class 50 years ago sums up the motto formulated by brand founder Gottlieb Daimler: “The best or nothing”.

The S-Class set standards in its time. This is shown by the many innovations. And the 116 series also became a pioneer – for example as the basis for the ESF 22 (1973) and ESF 24 (1974) experimental safety vehicles.

The luxury vehicles were extremely successful: exactly 473,035 saloons were built at the Mercedes-Benz Sindelfingen plant between 1972 and 1979.

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The latest 223 model series of the S-Class continues this unique tradition today – now even with fascinating vintage paint finishes from the new Mercedes-Benz MANUFAKTUR label.

The programme here comprises selected and predominantly handcrafted materials and high-quality finishes: the current S-Class thus offers even more stylish individuality than before.

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The new Mercedes-Benz MANUFAKTUR label will offer exclusive and individual options for the interior and exterior of the S-Class 223 model series. Among other things, various vintage paint finishes are available, reminiscent of some of the fascinating colours from the history of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Find out more