1968 Aston Martin DB6 MK1 Vantage

Tom Hardman

Tom Hardman is offering this amazing Aston Martin DB6 MK1 Vantage for sale. Fitted with original Vantage engine. Significant substructure and front-end restoration. Uprated ignition system. Strong powertrain and good road holding.


Introduced in 1965, the DB6 is the final evolution of the unforgettable DB4 shape first penned by Touring in 1958. A major change for the Aston Martin DB6 was end of the full superleggera tubular construction technique patented by Touring of Milan.

The DB6’s most significant features were its long wheelbase, higher roof line and improved interior space and passenger comfort. Improved aerodynamics, aided by the controversial Kamm tail added to the swirling press commentary of the day.

PRH75F is a highly desirable Vantage model car is largely unchanged from when it was ordered new by S. Rogers of Chelmsford on 24 January 1968. Unlike many similar Aston Martin DB6’s, it retains its original engine. Its Vantage specification features the triple side-draft Weber 45DCOE carburettors and higher compression ratio cylinder head to add over 40bhp to the standard engine.


The Aston Martin has a 3.73:1 limited slip differential factory fitted, and in March 1969 the rear axle was changed to an M69/19. The power-assisted steering, also fitted as an optional extra, was removed in March 1968. Early maintenance provenance faithfully reflects the car being maintained in fine fettle, with standard servicing and fault repair activities being undertaken at Aston Martin Works in Newport Pagnell.

Whilst located in France during 2013 to 2015, PRH75F was restored by Carrosserie Lecoq in Paris. Some of the work completed in Paris wasn’t to the quality expected by my client, the current owner since 2017. It was duly entrusted Aston Martin specialist, Adrian Johnson of Otley, where over 900 hours were well spent on the car.

The factory ordered Webasto sun-roof was removed when in Adrian’s workshop. The interior had been re-placed with ox-blood leather in Paris, but Adrian’s team later Mk2 seats for additional comfort. (The originals are supplied, finished to the same specification.)


Most of the 900 hours were spent on the car’s structure. The entire substructure of the front end and underside of the car has been replaced along with a new front-end construction – a detailed report is available. Further work includes a new stainless-steel exhaust system, fuel system overhaul, including carburettors and petrol tank, and the fitting of an electronic ignition system. Finally, the car was repainted in Gunmetal, which along with the Ox-blood interior is a sensually appealing and crowd pleasing combination. Over 5000 miles have been completed by our client and he will be sad to see it leave his stable, but a new automotive adventure beckons.

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