1927 Bentley 3 / 4,5 Litre Le Mans Speed Model Specification

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Thiesen Automobile is offering this Bentley 3/4,5 Litre Le Mans Speed Model Specification for sale. “Matching-Number”. Outstanding driving characteristics due to performance-optimised technics. Dr. Clare Hay report. Well documented.

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The Bentley 3 Litre was produced from 1921 to 1929. With about 1600 units it was the most produced model of Bentley Motors LTD. There was the distinction Blue Label, Red Label and Green Label. The successor was the Bentley 4.5 Litre. It differed by an engine with a larger bore, a different radiator and different bonnets.

According to the research and listings of Bentley cars by Michael Hay in his book “BENTLEY: The Vintage Years”, 1997 edition, the Tourer described here was built in July 1927. The car was originally delivered as a Bentley 3 Litre with a 4-seater “Corsica” body by coachbuilder Van den Plas (VdP). Chassis number and motor number match the specifications. The ownership history is well documented, the original logbook and copies of the service records are available.

In 2011/2012 the car was fully restored at Neil Davis Racing LTD in the UK. It received a Le Mans body on a short chassis. The radiator and the bonnets of the 4.5 litre model were installed. The entire technology was meticulously repaired and optimised in the course of the restoration. Due to its low weight with the increased performance through the modified 4.5 litre technology, the car has comparatively sensational driving characteristics.

In 2016, the car obtained its operating licence in Germany. The Bentley comes with an comprehensive report by Dr. Clare Hay who inspected the car in 2018.

RHD, 4-speed D-Type gearbox, large “Long Distance” fuel tank, Le Mans bodywork in ash wood with aluminium cladding, 4 seats, conversion to electric fuel pump, stone guard grilles on the headlights.

Original engine with cylinder heads and pistons from the 4.5 Ltr. and Phoenix crankshaft, increased power, 4,368 ccm

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