Waterfallproof Parka By Vollebak

The Waterfallproof Parka is designed to combat the megastorms of the future, where crazily intense rainfall becomes the norm. Highly waterfallproof, windproof and breathable, it’s constructed with an advanced 3 layer Swiss material from Schoeller, with an intelligent membrane that opens and closes in the heat, and self-drying nanotechnology borrowed from plants. Building the material alone requires a total of 28 separate construction processes.

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Water Rolls Off It Like A Lotus Leaf

The outside of the Waterfallproof Parka mimics one of nature’s most brilliant pieces of engineering – the lotus leaf. Over millions of years the lotus leaf has adapted to life constantly surrounded by water. Although the surface of each leaf looks completely flat, it’s covered with a complex landscape of microscopic bumps which helps it stay clean and dry.

Highly Waterproof And Highly Breathable

The issue with creating something crazily waterproof is breathability. The more water can’t come through one way, the harder it is to let it come out the other. A rubber wetsuit for instance would never let any rain through, but if you tried to go for a run in one you might pass out as it won’t let heat or sweat escape efficiently.

So the middle layer of the jacket uses Schoeller’s c_change® membrane. Instead of remaining static, the membrane can open and close to respond to different weather conditions as they happen, while remaining permanently waterproof and windproof.


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