The MCXtrema: The Elite Club For Just 62 Members

MCXtrema is a radically exclusive club. A track-only 740-CV Maserati racer, an uncompromised expression of performance. The MCXtrema takes mechanics and design to daring, new heights. Beware of the most powerful Maserati racing beast.

Fierce beauty

Exterior design

Both art and science are required to bring such a magnificent creature to life. The perfect shape of the MCXtrema packs an aggressive pounce. Three intersecting contours trace out its sleek silhouette for supreme airflow. From the Trident-shaped front bonnet to the aggressive splitter, along the sides and to the rear where the wing with a central fin is positioned, every detail is purposefully designed to maximize grip and velocity.

Those who first encountered it in the early stages of its development all said the same thing: “extreme”. And that’s part of the reason for its name. Just like the Maserati MC20, “MC” stands for Maserati Corse.

“Xtrema” is the absolute emotion the 62 will own.

Fully unique, fully immersed

Interior Design

Wild racing pleasure. That’s the only thing that matters. The streamlined aesthetics recall the iconic Birdcage, with a track-driven, functional design where control, safety, performance and comfort are all key. Only the must-haves are present, to keep the MCXtrema lighter and faster. The racing seat with a 6-point belt and roll cage ensures the utmost safety, while ergonomic pads are positioned in driver contact zones for maximum comfort. Front and center is the carbon and aluminum steering wheel, a design masterpiece with a 5-inch central display, buttons, rotary selectors and ergonomic grip. Every specially designed function has the quickest and easiest access to smash lap times.

Hunting victory


Every corner, every straight, every speed has its optimal “aeromap”, a zealous quest for perfection in this aerodynamic beast. The engineering team worked tirelessly with the Centro Stile to take the sporting prowess of this indomitable racing creature to its maximum potential. Minimal ride height, fully flat underfloor, the front splitter, the rear wing and the shark fin, the sculptural rear diffuser, perfect cooling systems for the engine, gearbox and brakes. The result: superior control and a track-hugging racer waiting to be driven into the red. Go seize the checkered flag.

Extremely light, lightning-fast

Chassis and suspensions

A jaw-dropping power-to-weight ratio of approximately 1.8kg/CV and a total dry weight of about 1,300kg. From the winning MC12, the MCXtrema carries on an unparalleled competitive drive that is magnified by the feather-light central carbon-fiber monocoque. The new double-wishbone suspension geometry and kinematics and the fully adjustable racing dampers, springs and antiroll bar make it possible to master all possible track conditions, while the carbon-fiber racing brakes are adapted for extreme track usage. Precise, razor-sharp handling keeps the beast within the driver’s full command.

Unleashing the Beast


From the sound of it, it has to be Nettuno. The revolutionary Made-in-Modena 3.0-L V6 engine was boosted to raise its power to 740CV by featuring new turbochargers. A disruptive force lab-engineered for extreme racing and capable of taking the driver to the limit. Peak power and 730Nm max torque are just waiting to be unleashed through its 6-speed sequential racing gearbox.

Extreme racing passion is redefined.

Nettuno engine square


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