The 1st Ever Richard Mille Cup

Richard Mille is excited to announce the very 1st edition of the Richard Mille Cup. “Classic yachts bear a living, breathing testimony to the highest values of workmanship, heritage and tradition passed on to us through centuries. By creating this challenge, we aim to set sail through history and to bring this high-end craft very much back to life” says Richard Mille.


From 10th to 25th June the regatta will attract aficionados and collectors of historical yachts competing between Great Britain and France, from Falmouth to Le Havre, with stopovers in renowned sailing landmarks Dartmouth and Cowes in a series of inshore and offshore races.

“The Richard Mille Cup strives to recapture the spirit of the pre-war British racing circuit. We see these yachts as important cultural artefacts,” explains William Collier. Organizer of the world-renowned Fife Regatta since 1998, Collier has spent his life restoring historical yachts to superb standards, making him the ideal partner for this new endeavour.

The ethos behind the Richard Mille Cup is defined by one single word – “authenticity”, promoting the beauty and pageantry of iconic handcrafted vessels. “Restoration alone isn’t enough, though. These yachts need an environment in which they can thrive, and that’s why it’s so important to involve the Yacht Clubs allowing competitors to mingle in an atmosphere redolent of the true spirit of the pre-War era”, states Richard Mille. 15 yachts dating from the end of the 19th century to the late 1930s will compete in Schooner and Cutter categories.

Only the very best trophy could do justice to such a prestigious competition. Specially commissioned, the meter-high artwork was designed by Garrard. Jewellers to the British Royal Family for the last 300 years, they also designed sports trophies such as the first America’s Cup 170 years ago. The dramatic windswept forms of the trophy pay tribute to the elegance of sails in the wind. The trophy is perpetual.

The Richard Mille Cup is a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its strong interest for the marine universe. The inaugural Richard Mille Cup marks a new era in classic competitive sailing and will definitively promise to deliver a thrilling and captivating spectacle for all sailing enthusiasts.


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