TAG Heuer Launches New Monaco Collection

Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer is launching the latest addition to its iconic TAG Heuer Monaco collection with new and colorful TAG Heuer Monaco chronograph timepieces. These new watches presented for the 80th Monaco Grand Prix Edition, a partnership that is close to TAG Heuer’s heart, mark the brand’s first use of a skeleton dial within its TAG Heuer Monaco collection.

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The modern skeleton watch comes in three different dials. The “Original Blue” draws inspiration from the first-ever TAG Heuer Monaco blue dial launched in 1969 and its original success. The “Racing Red” nods to the racing DNA of the TAG Heuer Monaco, with the colour red referencing the racing sparks made on the tracks.

The “Turquoise” black DLC titanium case piece is the third watch to round-off the collection, offering an avant-garde take on TAG Heuer’s Monaco design, a little nod to Monaco’s coastline.

The three new TAG Heuer Monaco chronograph pieces are an exciting addition to this iconic collection. They offer a fresh take on the emblematic design with a modern and avant-garde twist. The company’s focus on disruptive legacy, combined with its use of cutting-edge technology, has resulted in simple and complex timepieces, giving the promise of a statement.


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