La Cochera Classica: Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet W142

In July 1939, a special vehicle with chassis number 440298 rolled off the production lines – the Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet, one of only 600 examples ever produced. The first proud owner of this car in 1939 was the Reichsarmee (SS), which already points to its historical relevance.

Mercedes-Benz 320

After turbulent times, the vehicle was shipped to New Zealand in 1945, only to return to Germany in March 2004 thanks to the efforts of Dr. K.D.Z.. From there, the convertible found its way into the possession of a well-known entrepreneur from Solingen, who appreciated the elegance and class of the vehicle. After the tragic pass away of the entrepreneur, the Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet came into the possession of his heirs in 2023, who eventually sold it to La Cochera Classica.

mercedes benz 320Cabrio W142 front door

The convertible top of the car is in immaculate condition and of the highest quality, a real feast for the eyes of classic car enthusiasts. Particularly impressive is the 6-cylinder engine, which impresses with its quiet operation and, in combination with the elegant 5-speed gearbox, enables a majestic drive through picturesque landscapes.
The retrofitted passenger compartment heating ensures comfort in all weathers, while a close examination of the data card and installed parts in the Mercedes-Benz Museum confirms the authenticity of the vehicle. This Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet is not just an automobile, but a timeless legend that combines history, elegance and first-class engineering.

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mercedes benz 320Cabrio W142 223

mercedes benz 320Cabrio W142 027 scaled

mercedes benz 320Cabrio W142 street front 1


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