Hotel Aguas Claras Costa Rica

Hotel Aguas Claras is for The Doers. Creators. The Thinkers. And Tinkerers. The ones who seek peaceful seclusion to make way for flashes of inspiration.


In 1992, Elizabeth Steinvorth began her love affair with Puerto Viejo. A Multi-media Artist from San José, Steinvorth fell in love with the area’s simple beauty. “Back then, there were no lights, no water, nothing,” Steinvorth says. “It was very simple, but everything was so beautiful and easygoing that I didn’t care if we didn’t have light or water.”

Steinvorth brought her daughter, Elena, to Puerto Viejo when she was just two weeks old, essentially baptizing her in the warm Caribbean sea. And like a story unraveling and revealing itself over the years, the making of Hotel Aguas Claras has become an unexpected life project for the mother-daughter duo.

The idea for the hotel originated from Steinvorth’s desire to put her various artworks to good use. From floral water colour paintings to mosaics. Murals and upcycled furniture pieces. Just about everything in the hotel is from Steinvorth’s body of work, or an original creation made by the duo’s network of cherished artist friends.

“The hotel is really an art project,” Steinvorth says. “It’s the union of all my artwork from my life…like a retrospective. Everything is carefully curated.”


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