4ver Trophy Electric Concept By Renault

The future electric Renault 4 will pay tribute to its iconic predecessor that sold 8 million units. Symbolising simplicity, agility, robustness – it is part luxurious and part adventurer.


To celebrate 4L Trophy’s 25th anniversary, 4ever Trophy E-Tech 100% electric Concept unveils its 100% electric version promising wildly exciting adventures. From the end of the street to around the world, 4ever Trophy E-Tech 100% electric Concept is a show car used for many purposes. It includes everything daily adventurers and distance explorers could expect: simple shapes, rugged reliability, minimum maintenance, and an exhaust that gives zero noise and zero CO2 emissions!

Renault 4 has helped adventurers explore the world for over 60 years. A pleasure for amateur and professional drivers, it also conveys the values of sharing and helping one another. 4ever Trophy E-Tech 100% electric Concept continues the tradition of open-mindedness, thirst for discovery and surpassing ourselves.

You can decide to travel very far or stay very close. Whatever you decide 4ever Trophy E-Tech 100% electric Concept hits the mark. You can relax wherever you go with its range of off-road equipment, tough roof rack, LED lights, tyre inflation levels that can be adjusted from the cabin, and even its shovel.


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