Cake’s Electric Kalk INK SL

The Kalk INK Freeride is based on the same technology as the Kalk OR. Same powerful drivetrain. Slightly heavier stable and wheels and a simplified but sturdier suspension. It’s all about a fast, hasselfree and thrilling backcountry exploration, without polluting or disturbing.

Kalk INK Studio




Dry 55kg/121lbs + battery 17kg/37lbs

Speed & Range

Top speed: +80km/h / +50mph
Range: Trail/Enduro: up to 3 hours


11kW motor
42 Nm peak torque on shaft / 280Nm on wheel @ 3000 rpm
Front sprocket: 12 teeth with infused rubber for minimal noise
Rear sprocket: 80 teeth
Chain: size 420 O-ring


18650 lithium cells
51.8 Volt
50 Ah
2.6 kWh


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