Best Of Bonhams: 60 Years Of Ferrari

Since its foundation in 1939 by the eponymous Enzo, Ferrari has rightly become a byword for speed, sensation, and splendour. From the 250 GTO to LaFerrari, take a look at models spanning over 60 decades sold across the global Bonhams salerooms.

Best Of Bonhams: 60 Years Of Ferrari

As Enzo Ferrari once said, ‘The best Ferrari is the next one.’ Discover fierce Ferraris crossing the auction block this May in The Monaco Sale, and brush up on your brand history with our latest Collecting 101.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Coupé

Sold for € 2,558,750 (£ 2,150,706)

One of only 499 made, this LaFerrari was delivered new to Germany and had covered only some 930 kilometres from new. Presented in generally excellent condition, reflecting its sparing use. In 2016, the Ferrari was repainted in Giallo Modena, while the black interior was re-trimmed with grey and yellow stripes (including the steering wheel).

Best Of Bonhams: 60 Years Of Ferrari

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari Coupé. Sold for € 2,558,750 (£ 2,129,596) inc. premium.

Putting a 950 horsepower car weighing only some 1,255kg dry in the hands of mere mortals, as opposed to professional racing drivers, might be considered somewhat reckless, but when designing the LaFerrari, its makers ensured that whatever the car did, it did predictably. It is no surprise that it went on to sell for an incredible € 2,558,750 (£ 2,150,706) at the Les Grandes Marques du Monde à Paris sale in February 2022.

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari

Sold for US$ 3,685,000 (£ 2,782,068)

One of only 120 delivered to the U.S. market and with only 230 miles from new, this stunning 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari was sold for US$ 3,685,000 (£ 2,782,068) at the Quail Lodge Auction in August 2016. Ensuring that it matched all of its predecessors, it is liveried in the timeless Rosso Corsa paint scheme, and trimmed in black.

24072921 1 1

2014 Ferrari LaFerrari. Sold for US$ 3,685,000 (£ 2,782,068) inc. premium

2003 Ferrari Enzo

Sold for CHF 3,105,000 (£ 2,528,430)

A mere 349 examples of this ‘legend in the making’ were scheduled for production at a price of around $650,000 (approximately £450,000) apiece, making it the most expensive Ferrari ever made. As it happened, Ferrari ended up making 400 and, needless to say, had no trouble whatsoever in selling them all.

24886075 8 24

2003 Ferrari Enzo. Sold for CHF 3,105,000 (£ 2,528,430) inc. premium

Built for the Canadian market and completed on 10th October 2003, this car was the penultimate Enzo of the 400 cars produced. Finished in yellow with black interior, it had covered a mere 21km from new and in May 2016 was extensively serviced by Modena Cars, Geneva.

As is so often the case with limited edition ‘instant classics’, Ferraris in particular, values have continued to rise since the Enzo’s introduction and this example went on to sell for an incredible CHF 3,105,000 (£ 2,528,430) at The Bonmont Sale in September 2019.

1989 Ferrari F40 Berlinetta

Sold for € 1,840,000 (£ 1,531,395)

Introduced in 1988 to celebrate Enzo Ferrari’s 40 years as a motor manufacturer, the iconic F40 was the ultimate supercar and is historically significant as the first production passenger car to have a claimed top speed of over 320km/h. It is also the last Ferrari to be personally approved by Enzo Ferrari prior to his death in 1988.

25128463 1 1 1

1989 Ferrari F40 Berlinetta. Sold for € 1,840,000 (£ 1,531,395) inc. premium

This outstandingly original example was ordered new in June 1989 through Garage Francorchamps, the famous Belgian Ferrari dealership of Jacques Swaters, and had just one owner from new when sold. This is the desirable ‘non-cat, non-adjust’ model which had been dry-stored since 1992.

This incredible 1989 Ferrari F40 Berlinetta went on to sell for € 1,840,000 (£ 1,546,575) at The Zoute Sale in October 2021.

1981 Ferrari 512 Boxer Berlinetta Bellancauto Le Mans Endurance Racing Competition Coupe

Sold for US$ 990,000 (£ 747,421)

This Boxer Berlinetta Le Mans was assembled initially as a rolling chassis under the supervision of Gaetano Florini at Ferrari’s customer Assistenza Clienti division in Modena. This much-modified car then made its racing debut in the hands of Fabrizio Violati himself, Maurizio Flammini and Spartaco Dini in the Monza 1,000Kms classic on April 26, 1981. Fabrizio Violati then ran the car in its first Le Mans 24-Hour race, sharing it on the Sarthe Circuit with co-drivers Maurizio Flammini and Duilio Truffo.

9009366 7 19

The Ex-Fabrizio Violati, Maurizio Flammini, Duilio Truffo, Marco Micangeli 1981 and 1984 Le Mans 24-Hours race, 1981 Ferrari 512 Boxer Berlinetta Bellancauto Le Mans Endurance Racing Competition Coupe. Sold for US$ 990,000 (£ 747,421) inc. premium

A unique veteran of the GIA World Championship Racing scene and eligible for many of the world’s highest-profile events, this stunning car went on to sell for US$ 990,000 (£ 747,421) at the Quail Lodge Auction in August 2014.

1978 Ferrari 312 T3 Formula 1 Racing Single-Seater

Sold for US$ 2,310,000 (£ 1,743,982)

Five of these cars were manufactured in the Ferrari Formula 1 ‘shop for the 1978 Formula 1 World Championship season. They were designed under the direction of the Reparto Corse (Racing Department) chief engineer Mauro Forghieri.

9009366 2 40

The Ex-Carlos Reutemann, Gilles Villeneuve 1978 British Grand Prix-Winning, 1979 Race of Champions-Winning , 1978 Ferrari 312 T3 Formula 1 Racing Single-Seater. Sold for US$ 2,310,000 (£ 1,743,982) inc. premium

With over 530-horsepower from 3-litre flat-12 engine this most significant and beautiful Grand Prix-winning Formula 1 Ferrari was sold by the factory on March 18, 1981, eventually to join Fabrizio Violati’s Collezione Maranello Rosso where it was been maintained and preserved on display and then sold for US$ 2,310,000 (£ 1,743,982) at the Quail Lodge Auction in August 2014.

1966 Ferrari 275GTB Competizione

Sold for US$ 9,405,000 (£ 7,100,501)

Late in the speciality model’s limited run, this car was the penultimate example of the thinly aluminum-skinned competition GTB, making it the second-to-last GT car ever produced by Maranello’s factory competition department.

9079196 1 1

Ex-Scuderia Filipinetti – Le Mans 24 Hours 1000 Kms de Spa-Francorchamps And 500 Kms di Imola Class Winning, 1966 Ferrari 275GTB Competizione. Sold for US$ 9,405,000 (£ 7,100,501) inc. premium.

This example is the Le Mans 24 Hours, 1000 Kms de Spa-Francorchamps and 500 Kms de Imola Class Winner and one of the most successful and pedigreed examples of the twelve 275 GTB/Cs. It was restored to 1967 Le Mans Class Winning livery and Ferrari Classiche Red Book Certified and went on to sell for US$ 9,405,000 (£ 7,100,501) at The Scottsdale Auction in January 2015.

1966 Ferrari 275GTB

Sold for US$ 3,850,000 (£ 2,906,638)

This grand touring berlinetta was issued a certificate of origin on September 2, 1966, and was completed at the factory three days later, finished in an unusual shade of Verde Scuro (dark green) over a beige leather interior. This car is notable for being the fifth-from-last example of the original two-cam model and underwent a superb restoration by marque experts Patrick Ottis and Brian Hoyt completed in 2014.

8998242 1 69

The fifth from last, 1966 Ferrari 275GTB. Sold for US$ 3,850,000 (£ 2,906,638) inc. premium

This Ferrari 275GTB is a desirable long-nose, torque tube late production example which then went on to sell for US$ 3,850,000 (£ 2,906,638) at the Quail Lodge Auction in August 2014.

From The Maranello Rosso Collection
1965 Ferrari 275 GTB ‘Long-Nose Alloy’ Berlinetta

Sold for £ 1,821,500

This is one of desirable, lightweight, aluminium-bodied ‘Longnose’ GTBs and is undoubtedly one of the outstanding stars of the Maranello Rosso Collection in San Marino, having been acquired by Fabrizio Violati as long ago as 1976. The car’s chassis design is Ferrari’s Tipo 563, its engine type 213 equipped with three twin-choke Weber carburettors.

9009401 7 22

From The Maranello Rosso Collection, 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB ‘Long-Nose Alloy’ Berlinetta. Sold for £ 1,821,500 inc. premium.

Selling for £ 1,821,500 at The Bond Street Sale in November 2014, this car was one of the most incredibly well-preserved, highly-original and unspoiled examples of Ferrari’s graceful, 3.3-litre, two-cam V12-engined, all-independently-suspended successor to the marque’s immortal 250 GT line.

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB/2 Alloy Long-Nose

Sold for € 2,875,000 (£ 2,392,805)

This 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Alloy ‘long nose’ was the top lot at The Zoute Sale in 2019 selling for a total of €2,875,000. One of only 60 ‘long-nose’ examples produced with an alloy body, the 275 GTB, finished in ‘rosso chiaro’ with blue interior, was previously owned for some 10 years by Gregory Noblet, son of Ferrari privateer driver and ‘gentleman racer’ Pierre Noblet, who, together with Jean Guichet, was on the podium at the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1962 (3rd) and 1963 (2nd) in a 250 GTO.

24878667 1 60 1

Ferrari Classiche Certified, 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB/2 Alloy Long-Nose. Sold for € 2,875,000 (£ 2,392,805) inc. premium.

1962-63 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta

Sold for US$ 38,115,000 (£ 28,775,718)

The Ferrari 250 GT ‘Omologato’ needs little introduction as the most iconic, most habitable, street-useable, race-winning, World Championship-winning, closed two-seat Coupe car from the world-famous Maranello factory. The GTO was developed to contest the 1962 3-litre class FIA GT World Championship series of classical endurance racing events.

9009366 10 1

The Ex-Jo Schlesser/Henri Oreiller, Paolo Colombo, Ernesto Prinoth, Fabrizio Violati, 1962-63 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta. Sold for US$ 38,115,000 (£ 28,775,718) inc. premium.

This example was acquired in 1965 and was the 19th Ferrari GTO to be completed and invoiced by the Maranello factory, having been signed-off initially there on September 11, 1962. It has a fabulously successful early Italian mountain-climb competition history and direct provenance includes 2nd place overall in the 1962 Tour de France. As one of the best-known and most often raced GTOs of them all it was sold at the Quail Lodge Auction in August 2014.

1954 Ferrari 4.9-Litre 375-Plus Sports-Racing Two-Seat Spider Competizione

Sold for £ 10,753,500

This magnificently presented ex-González Silverstone-winning, ex-Maglioli Mille Miglia and Le Mans works Ferrari went on to sell for £ 10,753,500 at The Goodwood Festival of Speed Sale in June 2014.

8950663 1 97

‘The Fearsome Four-Nine’ The Ferrari Factory Team, Mille Miglia, Le Mans and Silverstone May Meeting – Ex-Umberto Maglioli, Ex-Joséfroilán González, Ex-Jim Kimberly, Ex-Troy Ruttman, Ex-Howard Hively 1954 Ferrari 4.9-Litre 375-Plus Sports-Racing Two-Seat Spider CompetizioneSold for £ 10,753,500 inc. premium.

This outstanding example of the biggest-engined, most powerful and most important sports-racing Ferrari model built purely for works team use at the outset of the 1954 International motor racing season.


The Ex-Phil Hill, Bill Devin, Count Vittorio Zanon
1953 Ferrari 250 Mille Miglia Berlinetta

Sold for US$ 7,260,000 (£ 5,481,089)

The Ferrari 250 Mille Miglia was tailor-made to compete in frontline long-distance races, following upon the success of the pioneering 3-litre V12-engined 250S Coupe driven by Giovanni Bracco in the 1952 edition of the round-Italy thousand-mile road race. It was also a race winner in its debut meeting, driven by Phil Hill and thas a powerful 3-litre three-carburettor V12 engine.

9009366 4 1

The Ex-Phil Hill, Bill Devin, Count Vittorio Zanon, 1953 Ferrari 250 Mille Miglia Berlinetta. Sold for US$ 7,260,000 (£ 5,481,089) inc. premium.

This superb example of marque and model was sold at the Quail Lodge Auction in August 2014 for US$ 7,260,000 (£ 5,481,089).

1952 Ferrari 340 America Spider Competizione

Sold for US$ 6,380,000 (£ 4,816,714)

As the 17th of 22 cars in numerical chassis sequence, and one of just three Competizione examples, the featured 340 America Spider began construction in the spring of 1952. This car was the second of four Spiders built by Vignale on the 340 America platform, and one of ten total Vignale-bodied cars

24104476 1 11

Ex Scuderia Ferrari, 1952 Ferrari 340 America Spider Competizione. Sold for US$ 6,380,000 (£ 4,816,714) inc. premium.

This incredible Ferrari campaigned in the 1952 Mille Miglia, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Targa Florio and other prominent races. It was raced in period by noted factory drivers Piero Taruffi, Maurice Trintignant, and Giovanni Bracco and is eligible for most prominent motoring events around the globe.

This stunningly unique and collectable example of Scuderia Ferrari history went on to sell for US$ 6,380,000 (£ 4,879,065) at The Scottsdale Auction in January 2017.