Artcurial Motorcars Unveils Ferrari Supercar Collection For Retromobile

One month before the Retromobile Salon in Paris, Artcurial Motorcars is proud to present a new collection of eight sports cars in exceptional condition. It is extremely rare today to offer four Ferrari Supercars at auction that are all one-owner cars, fastidiously preserved by their sole custodian, making this a very special collection.

Artcurial Motorcars Unveils Ferrari Supercar Collection For Retromobile

Maître Etienne Léandri, a defence lawyer at the Monaco Bar and State Councillor had a lifelong passion for the Ferrari marque. Known as “The Ferrari lawyer”, he maintained a friendly relationship with Gabriel Cavallari and, when an exclusive new model was launched, he was given priority to buy one. Over the decades, he put together an exceptional collection of eight sports automobiles, bringing together a stunning group of Supercars built by Maranello over a period of more than thirty years.

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Maître Léandri enjoyed using his cars as well as contemplating them. He would often go down to his garages, situated beneath his office, simply to look at them and admire them. Securely stored and protected from the harsh effects of sunlight, they sat with their batteries permanently on charge, ready to go. These machines are in unusually well conserved condition, having only been taken out on rare occasions, and never in the rain. Consequently they are all very low mileage : 13 284 km for the F40, 1318 km for the F50, 4760 km for the Enzo, 952 km for the La Ferrari.


1989 Ferrari F40

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A lifelong marque enthusiast, our collector ordered his F40 (and all subsequent cars) from the importer Charles Pozzi at Levallois. This model was delivered in July 1989 and, as with all F40s, was liveried in “Rosso Corsa FER 300/9” with matching bucket seats. This colour combination was religiously adhered to when ordering his other Supercars.
Used meticulously, this F40 has covered just 13 284 km and is in rare condition. Stored in optimal conditions throughout its life, protected from light and kept at a constant temperature, the car has never been used in the rain and has only been driven by one careful owner. This F40 must be one of the best-preserved examples in existence.

« You can imagine how emotional it was to open the doors of this garage in Monaco to find these four Ferrari Supercars, models we have all dreamed about! When we discovered they were such low- mileage, one-owner cars, we realised we were looking at a treasure that is incredibly sought after and almost impossible to find on the market today » – Matthieu Lamoure, Managing Director, Artcurial Motorcars

1996 Ferrari F50

This Ferrari F50 was delivered new in 1996, and has covered just 1 318 km today. Apart from its original dashboard, this car still belongs to the pre-digital era, as can be seen from the classic steering wheel and traditional gear lever set in its steel grille specific to the Maranello marque.

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2003 Ferrari Enzo

The Enzo has a mileage of just 4760 km from new and is presented in exceptionally well-preserved condition, with the shine of a new machine. It has benefitted from extremely careful use and its impressive presentation enhances the Enzo’s technical brilliance. The essential “Rosso Corsa DS322” livery was selected in order to retain the same colours throughout the collection.

2013 Ferrari LaFerrari

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952 km : this is the mileage covered since leaving
the factory. Delivered in December 2013, the car is practically new. With such a great passion for this Italian marque, it was inevitable that Maître Etienne Léandri would include the model known as the “Nuova Enzo” in his Monagesque garage, one of just 499 examples of this particularly exclusive machine. Equipped with hybrid technology, it represents the very best of the marque’s expertise, the result of experience gained in F1 and an unrivalled pedigree in road-going cars.

And the rest …

Alongside these four exceptional Supercars is a Ferrari 599 GTO F1 with a mileage of 3390 km, a Ferrari
458 Italie with 6802 km, a rare manual Lamborghini Murciélago with 10905 km on the clock and a Fiat 595 Abarth Ferrari Dealers Edition, all acquired new by Maître Etienne Léandri. Find out more


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  • from Wednesday 16 March to Saturday 19 March 2022
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