1962 Ferrari GTO Wins Best In Show At Amelia

Ferrari’s 250 GTO needs little introduction, even among those not intimate with the collector car world. With a mere 36 built, gorgeous lines, and a stellar racing pedigree from what was one of the brightest among many bright eras for one of the world’s most famous brands, the 250 GTO long ago transcended the hobby to become an object d’art.

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Fortunately, this particular bit of art is often shared with the world and put to regular use. Yesterday, spectators across the The Golf Club concours fairway at the Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island in Florida perked up when they heard the bark of a 3.0-liter Colombo V-12. The 1962 250 GTO, Chassis 4153GT, was headed to the award ceremony, having secured Best in Show in the Concours de Sport at the 2024 Amelia Concours d’Elegance.

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“It’s so exciting to win this award at Amelia,” said owner David MacNeil, founder of WeatherTech. “This 250 GTO is such a fantastic car, and we’re glad to be able to share it here today.”

Finished in the same colors—silver with French tricolore stripe—that it wore in 1963 for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where it finished fourth overall, Chassis 4153GT owes its livery to its original owner and racing driver, Frenchman Pierre Dumay.

After Dumay’s laudable finish at Le Mans, Chassis 4153GT was actively campaigned by two owners through 1966, with one last race in-period coming in 1968. It attained several class wins and overall podiums, and most impressive was its overall win in the 1964 Tour de France. After a lengthy respite, 4153GT began showing up at vintage races in 1992 and has been actively used on track and in rallies ever since.

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Rumored to have sold for up to $80M in 2018, though reported as a $70M sale then, 4153GT is nonetheless the most expensive disclosed sale of a 250 GTO. That this chassis would be at the top of an extremely exclusive list should come as no surprise—Ferrari historian Marcel Massini told Fox News after the 2018 sale that 4153GT is “one of the top three or four GTOs in the world.”

After purchasing the car, MacNeil ran it in the Colorado Grand rally before sending it to noted Ferrari shop Motion Products for an extensive restoration that took nearly two years. It has been on the concours circuit since, attending numerous events including Villa d’Este and Pebble Beach before arriving at Amelia.

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Much as this GTO improves the look of the beautifully manicured lawns on which it has rested, MacNeil is eager to get it back on the open road. “We might take it to one more show, and then it’s time to drive the heck out of it,” said an enthusiastic MacNeil, when asked about his plans for 4153GT. “This is an absolutely amazing car to drive. It lives up to its hype. It’s got a great power-to-weight ratio, the handling is superb, and of course there’s that V-12 sound.”

“This car would be a pleasure to drive in a 24-hour race,” MacNeil added. “As a matter of fact, when this car got done with Le Mans in 1963, they drove it to Paris, parked it in front of a bar, and celebrated. Try that in a modern GT3 car.” With that, MacNeil has some celebrating to do himself.

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Report by Eddy Eckart

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