A Visit To VW-Paradise

“That is absolutely awesome!” Marco Degenhardt’s eyes lit up as soon as he set foot in the car warehouse at Volkswagen Classic. Even for a massive enthusiast like him, an original GTI in Alpine White and pristine condition is a very special sight.

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Exclusive, classic insights

Marco Degenhardt is an automobile enthusiast, collector, and a YouTuber with his own youngtimer channel, who is known for his “Halle77”. The fact that Volkswagen Classic is giving him exclusive access to its car warehouse is a genuine highlight for the petrolhead. Row upon row of rare, sometimes unique, exhibits: Degenhardt is in awe throughout the whole of his tour with Volkswagen Classic spokesperson Sascha Neumann. “People – check this out! It doesn’t get any better!” The man from Dortmund is particularly interested in the high-performance Volkswagen classics. “I am totally overwhelmed. I had no idea that all this still existed here!”

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Row after row of sheer delight: Volkswagen Classic gives Marco Degenhardt (right) exclusive insights for his video blog. 

Degenhardt likes blue

The car buff spends plenty of time in and around the Passat Variant G60 syncro. However, the Eco Polo, the 135-PS Theo Decker Beetle, and the rally cars also arouse his interest. One of the highlights of the collection is the Golf Limited, of which only 71 were built. Degenhardt identifies the “Holy Grail” – the most exclusive version of the Golf II, which was largely handmade by Volkswagen Motorsport – by the radiator grille and its striking blue stripes.

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“I am stunned!” Marco Degenhardt with one of only 71 Golf Limited built – for him the “Holy Grail”, which he savours in detail in his YouTube video blog. 

40 years of development in time lapse

Degenhardt experiences the huge technological advances in over 40 years of GTI development at first hand during test drives in the iconic Golf I GTI and the latest addition to the family, the Golf VII GTI TCR01: “That is spectacular! The handling impressions you get with a 1979 Golf GTI. You feel the car and feel the transmission, and there is no power steering! Then you get such a stark comparison with a 2019 Golf GTI. To experience 40 years of development in such a compact form is crazy!”

Degenhardt is also given permission to take the 275-PS Golf III A59 prototype out for a few kilometres in perfect turbo weather – dry and cool. The car from 1993 makes a lasting impression on him: the powerhouse was actually designed for Volkswagen’s return to the Group A World Rally Championship.

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Report by volkswagen-newsroom.com

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