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Gallery Aaldering is a family owned business since 1975. Founder Nico Aaldering and his son Nick are responsible for operational and executive management. The company has been in Brummen since 1987 and started on the location where they currently have their second workshop and detailing shop.

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Nico started very small, with only three employees. People who still work for the company today. The company grew rapidly and established a name for itself based on quality. In the nineties it was time for expansions after many years of selling Alfa Romeo, then Italian cars later on followed by British cars as well. At the end of 2000 Gallery Aaldering moved to the current premises at the Arnhemsestraat in Brummen. This showroom was build according to Nico’s idea and sketches and has a Neoclassical style to match the classic cars inside.

price winning maserati 3500During this time Nick entered the company after finishing his studies and working for different automotive companies. Gallery Aaldering expanded and gained momentum with the decades of experience offered by Nico and the bright new ideas and progressive vision offered by Nick. The collection became more diverse with an important move upwards to higher segments. Gallery Aaldering has grown to become one of the largest classic car dealers in Europe. There are about 350 classic cars on display on four floors with a Grand Café and special rooms for business meetings.

As a family owned business Gallery Aaldering is proud of its history and traditions, but the future is just as important. At the heart of this all is the passion for classic automobiles. For that reason they participate in the most impressive classic car rally in the world, the Mille Miglia.

A deeply rooted love for cars. You will find this in both their genes and the identity of this family owned business.


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The Dino was named after Enzo’s son who had died too early and was Ferrari’s answer to the sales success of the Porsche 911. Initially introduced as the Dino 206 GT it later became the Dino 246 GT shown here. This Dino is number 47 out of 497 M-series cars, aka the second series. The M-series was an improved version of the original 246 GT which concentrated on boosting the car’s road handling capabilities. The car has remained in very good shape since it was newly supplied on the 7th July 1970 by the Belgian Francorchamps Ferrari dealership. In the ’80s the car was professionally restored with a keen eye to original detail. They have the complete maintenance history from 1997 onwards. At the time she had a re-spray in the original “Rosso Corsa” finish. The paintwork has remained in great condition with only minor signs of use.

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The bodywork similarly has some minor blemishes. All the panelwork is beautifully thin and correctly aligned. The interior trim is exceptionally authentic with lovely red woollen carpets, black vinyl seats and white perforated headlining. The top of the dashboard is also in a good state of maintenance with all counters and controls in superb original condition. The Dino has headlight covers and is mechanically very sound. The 2.4-litre 65-degree V6 engine is according to connoisseurs one of the best V6 engines ever made. The car’s documentation shows that since 1997 the previous owners have invested over €50,000.- in maintaining this fine Dino 246 GT. When sold in 1997 it had done 27,000 km. In the following 23 years, the next two owners only managed to double the mileage to 55,319 km. From the moment you drive away you really notice that this car has been used regularly. The car is lovely to. drive and has fantastic road-holding. In addition to all of the above, there is an abundance of documentation including invoices that substantiate the low mileage and good maintenance. The car rightly deserves the title of being in a fine used condition. This is not your standard restored “show horse” but a wonderful used and very authentic Dino 246 GT, just begging to be driven.

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One of Alfa`s most prized pre-war racing legends, the unique Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GT Compressore. Supplied from new to a Swedish Baron on the 10th September 1931. This car is the only 6C 1750 ever exported to Sweden and only one of a handful left today. This car comes with a fully and correctly documented history, including very old photographs. They can trace the car over the whole its lifetime. When new, it came as a two-door convertible with the bodywork by Garavini of Torino.

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The fourth and last owner bought the car 20 years ago. Since then it has been fully restored and mechanically overhauled. During the restoration in the 90`s the bodywork was re-styled as a Touring Spyder. The aluminium bodywork is totally handcrafted! The whole process has been carefully photographically documented. The stunning open Touring coachwork in combination with the powerful compressor engine is just fantastic! The bodywork has perfect alignment and snug fitting body panels. The finish, the interior and the very authentic details are all in a sublime condition. This 6C is not only a picture to see; mechanically it is in optimal working order too. Accepted worldwide, at any race, rally or concourse d’Elegance of importance, this is without doubt a truly unique car with a fantastic history!

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A unique 1985 De Tomaso Pantera GT5. This is an authentic GT5, supplied from new to Switzerland on the 12th April 1985. Of the 252 GT5`s produced only a few were destined for the European market, this is one of them. It has the correct and original Ford 5.8 V8 engine. It has never been restored and has retained all of its original details. It has a mere 23,236 km on the clock! The car comes with a clear history and has the original ‘Certificato Di Garanzia’ booklet and the old Swiss registration papers.

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Naturally, being Swiss, it has been maintained with Swiss precision. This is reflected in the flawless and perfect working order the car is in. The beautiful bodywork has good-fitting body panels with a good finish to the paintwork. The interior exudes the correct amount of expected patina. The underbody is totally rust free. In short; this is an original, not a remodelled, low mileage GT5 with a proven provenance!

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This is the “peak air-cooled Turbo Porsche”. In the late 90’s Porsche realised that due to increasingly strict emission rules the days of the air-cooled engine were numbered. The air-cooled engine formed the foundation of Porsche’s success. You can just imagine the engineers and marketing department were not going to let the moment pass unnoticed. Nobody, however, expected them to quite so thorough. The 993 Turbo S was the last air-cooled Porsche 911 Turbo. Only 186 were ever built! Porsche’s goal was simply to build the fastest and most luxurious 911 ever. No surprise they more than achieved that goal. The 993 Turbo delivers 425 Ps in the US-spec which is 25 Ps less than its European counterpart due to different catalytic converters. In contrast to the normal Turbo the Turbo S was for the greater part hand-built by Porsche Exclusive. The Turbo S’s increased power was achieved by giving the 3.6 Boxer two larger K24 KKK turbochargers and an advanced Motronic management system. It also was fitted with an extra oil-cooler and had a different exhaust system, recognisable by the four tailpipes.

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The Porsche All Wheel Drive takes care of distributing the power to all four wheels and it also had a limited-slip differential fitted as standard. The Turbo S only came with a close-ratio 6-speed manual gearbox. The chassis was modified in order to cope with the increased power demands, the brakes were upgraded and a front carbon suspension strut, 18” rims with hollow spokes as well as full cover under the car were fitted to aid higher speeds. The changes did not limit themselves to the mechanical aspects; the S has a number of different features compared to the standard 993 Turbo. The Turbo S had larger brakes with yellow callipers, a European front spoiler with additional air-cooling inlets, additional air-cooling inlets to the rear spoiler and full leather trim (including the ventilation grilles), an alarm as standard, a sound package with a CD player, aluminium tinted counters, reinforced fixing points for a 6 point safety harness, a carbon instrument cluster, aluminium/carbon gear knob, stainless steel scuff plates, fully electrically adjustable seats and Turbo S logos internally. Their Arena Rot car was supplied when new by the American, Cincinnati South Ohio based Beechmont Motors on the 5th May 1997. Via a Belgian collector, the car ended up in the Netherlands. This is a matching numbers car with a mere 23,787 miles in the clock. The car is in top quality condition. When the car first arrived in the Netherlands years of stone chip damage to the front was obvious. The average owner would have been happy to just to have the bumper and bonnet resprayed, not so with the previous owner. As an absolute devotee, he decided to take the whole car back to bare metal before reapplying the original finish. Before that could happen a large order was necessary to convert all the bodywork from the US to European specifications, using only authentic parts. Needless to say, the work was thoroughly carried out to the highest quality level. Money nor effort was no objection to have the re-spray carried out so that one ended up with a perfect result and the original paint thickness! Arena Rot was the official introduction colour for the 993 Turbo S and suits the car down to a tee. Both bodywork and the immaculately applied paintwork are pristine.

The panelwork is straight and correctly aligned with no evidence of damage or wear. Porsche Exclusive upholstered the 993 Turbo S’s interior trim in red leather and carbon fibre mouldings. If the Turbo already was a luxurious 911 edition, the Gran Turismo of the 911’s, then the Turbo S trumped that making it more or less impossible to add any extra optional features. The owner, however, managed to find a few. He ordered floor mats emblazoned with “Porsche”, a 5-CD holder, the Digital Sound Package upgrade, adjustable lumbar supports for both seats and finally an upgrade from normal leather to Raf leather. All the information can be found on the original American sticker which is equivalent to their showroom card detailing the standard equipment, optional extras and emission details. This sticker as well as the bill of sale are part of the extensive documentation belonging to the Turbo S. Everything has been kept from Sticker right up to the latest maintenance invoice. The actual mileage is therefore readily confirmed. In addition, a complete car wallet is present containing the owner’s manual, radio manual and service book. The car has always been properly maintained by dealers and specialists. The recent work to the bodywork has been recorded with invoices, parts list and photos. The Turbo S is the Holy Grail for many when it comes to a Porsche. With a limited edition of only 186 it is not only very rare but also offers an interesting future investment option. This car is exactly as the enthusiast like to see it: perfectly maintained, in brilliant condition and ready to go! It is everything one would wish for in a Porsche 993 Turbo S!

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