Classics On The Road: Autocar 1904

ccw presents a new format, in which you can accompany us on the roads with real rare classics! In our first episode: The Autocar 1904. What a [...]

Treasure Hunt by collectorscarworld no. 1

ccw presents a new format, in which you can accompany us on the hunt for rare classic cars and unique collections. We will create footage and [...]

All-White Collection Of White-Hot Porsches

To assemble a collection of cars is not unique. If a collector wants to stand out, the collection is going to have to have a [...]

This 1963 VW Bus Might Just Be The Forrest Gump Of Automobiles

The monetary value of a classic car is much easier to determine than the value of its story, but it’s pretty safe to say that this one is [...]

Lancia Stratos: A Rally Legend Reawakened

David Hanman’s story of finding and restoring Björn Waldegards Lancia Stratos.  Report by PATINA

Bugatti Special: The Only Two Competitions EB110 (Le Mans & IMSA) – Davide Cironi (SUBS)

When the Bugatti Campogalliano adventure was about to end prematurely, two cars were created for long-distance races on behalf of customers and [...]

Flat Out | 2001 Ultima GTR

This week, the mechanical click-clack of a naked, exposed shifter is the only thing competing with the menacing howls of the Ultima GTR. Trifles [...]

I.D. R Pikes Peak: Power And Beauty Combined

The Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak has two engines. One motor front and one motor rear. A real power pack! The final livery looks good as well. So [...]

On Days Like These – 1959 Aston Martin DBR4

This exceptional 1959 Aston Martin DBR4 Grand Prix car is available for purchase with Pendine Historic Cars. Learn more here  Report by Petrolium

Ford GT40 “Recreation”

Ford GT40 “Recreation” produced from 1964 to 1969, as a weapon of Ford to counter the hegemony of Ferrari in the competitive eld. [...]

A Tribute To Dan Gurney

The Henry Ford pays tribute to racing legend Dan Gurney with the Edison-Ford Medal for his ingenuity and lifetime of innovative achievements.  [...]

$4,000,000 Barn Find – Ferrari And 427 Cobra Hidden For Decades

The first thing I notice when I lift the garage door (likely the first time it had been opened in decades) was a rather pedestrian mid-1980s BMW [...]
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