Why 10-Year-Old Exotics Aren’t Depreciating Like Before

The early 2000s was a great time for high-end sports cars. Ferrari was cranking out ever-faster and more beautiful cars, while Michael [...]

8 Surprising Sales From Scottsdale 2018

A lot of deep pockets converge on the Scottsdale auctions every year, and that often means there are more eye-popping results than screaming [...]

Market Trends – By Jürgen Rott/2shores

Well, the first big auction week of 2018 is just behind us and overall, the market seems to be plugging along fine. Some records were set as [...]

10 High-Dollar Cars That Broke The Bank At Scottsdale 2018

Seven days, seven auctions, $247.8 million and 2668 cars later, Scottsdale 2018 is over and we have the results. Overall sales totals were down [...]

The 5 Best And 5 Worst Car Investments Of 2017

The Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice Awards, SAG Awards, Grammys. It’s time for entertainment’s best and brightest to rub elbows, pat each other on [...]

SOLD! The Most Expensive Cars Sold At Auction In 2017

Looking back at 2017, there was good news and bad news in the collector-car market. Overall, auction totals in North America were down two [...]

The 9 Most Expensive British Cars Sold At Auction In 2017

Americans have a vastly disproportionate love of British cars compared to their overall popularity. Then again, most British cars have a lot more [...]

How Color Shades The Collector Car Market

Most of us have heard of “Resale Red,” right? Surely, there’s some truth to it. While red is the most common color among collector cars bought [...]

2018 Bull Market List: The 9 Hottest Collectible Cars In The US

If you’re in this game solely to make money, you’re really a car dealer more than a car enthusiast. Knowledge and wits are your guide as [...]

Five Mid-Engine Sports Cars For Under $20,000

When we think of cars that have the engine sitting right behind the driver, we naturally think of expensive stuff. Ferraris, Lambos, Ford GTs, [...]

Five Great Two-Seater Drop-Tops For Under $50K

Top-down weather doesn’t last all year, at least for many of us. Still, we can fantasize until spring of sunnier days and the convertibles that [...]

Three Pony Cars To Buy, Sell Or Hold

America’s love for the pony car is undeniable. More than 50 years after the Mustang (or the Plymouth Barracuda, if you ask Mopar folks) launched [...]
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