The Private Sale Is Making A Comeback

When news broke this month that a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO sold privately for $70 million, it was a good reminder that between all of the auctions we [...]

Which Of These 9 Supercars Are The Best Deals Right Now?

Pretty much anything dubbed a supercar becomes collectible eventually. Like other cars, however, values go through considerable ups and downs. [...]

Mercedes 300 SL: JD Classics Expert Guide

It’s all-too easy to label something an automotive icon, but if there’s any car deserving of the title, it’s the Mercedes 300SL. It was the [...]

The 11 Best Movie Muscle Cars

No pony cars. When creating this list of the best movie muscle cars, we decided not to include any pony cars. No Mustangs. No Camaros. No Trans [...]

The 10 Most Expensive Pontiacs Ever Sold At Auction

We miss Pontiac. Named after the Ottawa chief and the city where the company started, Pontiac rarely built the prettiest cars, but many of [...]

What A Maserati Sebring Is, And Why You Should Want One

If the name doesn’t make it obvious, the Maserati Sebring has racing oil running through its veins. In addition to the car’s motorsports [...]

Why Aren’t Morgans Worth More?

With all of the high-strength steel and aluminum that cars are made from today, it’s mind-blowing to think that quirky Morgan is still making its [...]

What Qualifies As Rare, And Does Rarity Translate To Value?

Among the many overused words in the classic car hobby, “rare” and “unique” are two of the most common. While unique is an easier one to call out [...]

Should You Buy, Sell, Or Hold These Six Sports Cars?

As temperatures rise, the days stretch longer and the open road calls like a child crying for ice cream. You suddenly find yourself in the market [...]

The Cars Not To Buy If You’re Only In It For The Money

We have good news and bad news for fans of classic Mercedes-Benz SL models. First, the good news: The 1955–63 190SL has not only escaped the [...]

Ferrari 275: J.D Classics Expert Guide

Designing and engineering a new Ferrari always brings with it the immense pressure of creating something worthy of the Prancing Horse, and all [...]

10 Undervalued British Classics

I’s no secret that vintage BMW and Porsche prices have had a strong go of it the past few years, as have many classic and modern Japanese [...]
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