Ferrari 275: J.D Classics Expert Guide

Designing and engineering a new Ferrari always brings with it the immense pressure of creating something worthy of the Prancing Horse, and all [...]

10 Undervalued British Classics

I’s no secret that vintage BMW and Porsche prices have had a strong go of it the past few years, as have many classic and modern Japanese [...]

The 10 Hottest Future Collectibles Of 2018

Nobody savors the analog joy of a vintage car more than us, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate modern machines as well. And among a sea of [...]

These 1950s And ’60s American Cars Might Be On The Rebound

While vintage trucks and SUVs continue their surging rush of popularity, along with a selection of Japanese performance cars from the 1980s and [...]

Why Automakers Are Bringing Back Classic Names And Shapes

When feeling threatened, many major corporations—Hollywood movie studios, fast food restaurants, America—will mine their heritage for old ideas. [...]

Three 1980s Trucks To Buy, Sell or Hold

Domestic vehicles from the 1980s are having a moment. The ‘80s were once considered a low point in the automotive sense, but as nostalgia kicks [...]

98 Porsches Were Auctioned At Amelia Island. Where’s The Tipping Point?

Even toddling lemonade stand entrepreneurs know the law of supply and demand—it’s the one common economic principle all buyers and sellers can [...]

8 Eyebrow-Raising Sales From Amelia Island

Auction weekend at Amelia Island may have been slightly down in overall sales, but there was nonetheless a sensational crop of cars on offer, [...]

2018 Amelia Island Market Preview

The 2018 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance kicks off this week, as buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts of all sorts descend upon Florida for another [...]

10 Alternative Muscle Cars And Classics That Are Heating Up

Muscle car prices are on the rise, but even if the price of admission isn’t an issue for you, not everyone wants to show up with the same handful [...]

Hagerty Vehicle Rating Top 25

You can now call your old Chevy C10 the hottest vehicle on the collector car market, at least according to the latest Hagerty Vehicle Rating. The [...]

Bottom 25: British Sports Cars, Mercedes SLs And American Classics

British sports cars, Mercedes SLs, and a few others are lagging behind the rest of the market. While the hottest 25 vehicles in the market are [...]
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