11 Modern Muscle Cars (And Trucks) Under $20K

There’s no replacing 1960s and ’70s muscle cars. They have style and road presence that can’t be matched. However, they also bring with them [...]

These 1980s Japanese Cars On The Rise

We’ve talked before about 1980s domestic cars doing surprisingly well on the market and how high-tech Japanese performance cars of the ’90s have [...]

3 Things The Pebble Beach Auctions Taught Us About The Porsche Market

There’s an old political adage, “as Maine goes, so goes the nation.” These days, you could almost say “as the Porsche market goes, so goes [...]

9 Bargains That Slipped Under The Radar In Monterey 2018

The average sale price at this year’s Monterey auctions was over 400 grand, so it’s not exactly the place for tire-kickers or budget-stretchers. [...]

An In-Depth Look At The 10 Biggest Sales At 2018 Monterey

At the end of a long week in which six auctions were held and more than 800 cars were sold, Monterey 2018 totaled over $368 million—a 12-percent [...]

The Hottest 25 Collector Cars This Summer

The red-hot popularity of trucks and SUVs has been going on for so long that Hagerty Auction Editor Andrew Newton has resorted to using a [...]

Get more bang for your buck: Camaro Bargains

One of the best things about iconic cars like the Camaro, Corvette, and Mustang has always been that they offer a heck of a lot of car for the [...]

25 Cars That Collectors Seem To Be Ignoring

The Hagerty Vehicle Rating uses insurance activity, auction results, and private sales activity of hundreds of models of classic and modern [...]

5 Corvettes To Watch At The 2018 Monterey Auctions

Sure, Monterey is more focused on Ferraris, Porsches, and Astons, and it’s the seven- or even eight-figure cars that make the headlines. But [...]

The Game Changers: Cars That Rewrite the Rules

With values of over 40,000 classic car variants, the UK Hagerty Price Guide requires teams dedicated to maintaining accurate data. Insured values [...]

5 Hot Cars To Jump On Before Prices Rise

Doesn’t it always seem like by the time you’ve gotten wind of a cool collector car, the secret’s out and prices have already escalated out of [...]

You Can Score These 6 Convertibles For Under $20,000

If you haven’t bought a convertible this year, it’s not too late. No need to wait until October, either, when people decide to sell to avoid the [...]
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