Get more bang for your buck: Camaro Bargains

One of the best things about iconic cars like the Camaro, Corvette, and Mustang has always been that they offer a heck of a lot of car for the [...]

25 Cars That Collectors Seem To Be Ignoring

The Hagerty Vehicle Rating uses insurance activity, auction results, and private sales activity of hundreds of models of classic and modern [...]

5 Corvettes To Watch At The 2018 Monterey Auctions

Sure, Monterey is more focused on Ferraris, Porsches, and Astons, and it’s the seven- or even eight-figure cars that make the headlines. But [...]

The Game Changers: Cars That Rewrite the Rules

With values of over 40,000 classic car variants, the UK Hagerty Price Guide requires teams dedicated to maintaining accurate data. Insured values [...]

5 Hot Cars To Jump On Before Prices Rise

Doesn’t it always seem like by the time you’ve gotten wind of a cool collector car, the secret’s out and prices have already escalated out of [...]

You Can Score These 6 Convertibles For Under $20,000

If you haven’t bought a convertible this year, it’s not too late. No need to wait until October, either, when people decide to sell to avoid the [...]

5 Great Alternatives To High-Priced Muscle Cars

Several years ago, a men’s magazine had a popular feature that suggested healthier substitutes to your favorite food cravings. As enthusiasts, it [...]

The Private Sale Is Making A Comeback

When news broke this month that a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO sold privately for $70 million, it was a good reminder that between all of the auctions we [...]

Which Of These 9 Supercars Are The Best Deals Right Now?

Pretty much anything dubbed a supercar becomes collectible eventually. Like other cars, however, values go through considerable ups and downs. [...]

Mercedes 300 SL: JD Classics Expert Guide

It’s all-too easy to label something an automotive icon, but if there’s any car deserving of the title, it’s the Mercedes 300SL. It was the [...]

The 11 Best Movie Muscle Cars

No pony cars. When creating this list of the best movie muscle cars, we decided not to include any pony cars. No Mustangs. No Camaros. No Trans [...]

The 10 Most Expensive Pontiacs Ever Sold At Auction

We miss Pontiac. Named after the Ottawa chief and the city where the company started, Pontiac rarely built the prettiest cars, but many of [...]
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