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Spa-Classic, created in 2011, has gone from strength to strength and today it is among the major European events for historic cars.

To pay homage to this temple of endurance, which hosts the famous Spa-Francorchamps 24 Hours for Touring Cars, Peter Auto created the Heritage Touring Cup for the 2013 event. Since then it has attracted more and more entrants that showcase the history of this branch of motor sport. In 2018, the Heritage Touring Cup will again be one of the star grids at Spa-Classic. It will be joined by seven other Peter Auto grids including the latest addition, 2.0L Cup, a single-make grid reserved for 2-litre short chassis early Porsche 911s prepared in accordance with FIA pre-66 regulations.

Global Endurance Legends, a newcomer to the 2018 Spa-Classic, will put on three 40-minute demonstrations. The field consists of GTs that raced in the most famous endurance events between 1990 and 2000.

The Exhibitors’ Village will again be installed in the heart of the paddock near Eau Rouge confirming its increase in size in the previous events. It will provide artists, clothing manufacturers, bookshops and other boutiques with an environment in which to display their wares to a crowd of enthusiasts. To add to the families’ enjoyment Spa-Classic puts on entertainment and activities adapted to all ages including driving lessons for kids and giving them their first taste behind the wheel, Racing Bug and much more. All this will take place in a festive ambiance with music provided by an itinerant orchestra.

Meeting up at Spa-Classic has become a habit for the clubs that are joined by owners of individual cars. This is an honour for the organisers among whose objectives is to bring together at one of the world’s iconic circuits all sports car lovers for whom the clubs are the standard bearers of their passion. Once again a large number of car clubs is expected. After around 1200 owners at the previous events, this year’s aim is to attract even more collector cars. They will have seven 25-minute runs during the weekend to enable them to enjoy and take full advantage of the fabulous Francorchamps track.

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