Sony’s Technology – Moving Towards Evolution In Mobility

  • January 8, 2020
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People are in an age in which the cars of the future, once visible only in your imaginations, are finally becoming a reality. It is not only hardware in the form of cars that is changing. The conventions of your daily lives and society are also being transformed.

Sony Technology wants to re-imagine mobility as you know it. How can they inspire people through mobility? How can they provide greater peace of mind? How can they contribute to society and the environment? Sony will open up a new world of mobility using its creativity and technology.

Sony exists as a citizen of society and the Earth. They believe that new human lifestyles exist beyond the realms of new mobility. Sony will work directly toward that ideal.


Creating Enriching Moments Beyond a New Vision

Sony is working to thoroughly understand the mechanism of cars  to not only comprehend how they are made and the challenges they present, but also their relevance to society. Towards this goal, Sony has developed a car that is both drivable and gives full consideration to safety. The car represents a fusion of Sony’s technology and creativity. It is a glimpse into the future of mobility, encompassing the evolution of safety, comfort, entertainment and adaptability. The VISION-S Prototype  riding in it feels extremely secure. Just sitting in it evokes excitement. Being with it affords a timeless relationship. It is a car that will evolve mobility into an enriching experience.

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