Rivian R1S All Electric SUV

A seven-seat electric SUV with 750 horsepower and 826 pound-feet of torque sounds ridiculous for you? Than the new spectacular R1S All Electric SUV from Rivian which pushes you from 0-100 km/h in about 3 seconds, will blow your mind.

With picking up well-known design cues off a Range Rover, the R1S is built on the same platform as its predecessor model, the R1T Electric Truck. With its electrifying performance and zero emissions the R1S can reach up to 650 km on a single charge and if you use the DC fast charge it will hit 80 percent battery power in under an hour. The Quad-Motor System gives you a superior control on the road and displays confidence on every terrain, on- and off-road. In different on-road situations the SUV will be able to drive itself because it is equipped with various high-tech sensors. The interior features three rows of comfort, a lot of high-quality wood elements and several technical features as different touchscreens.

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Report by Thomas Denker for collectorscarworld.com
Photos by rivian.com


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