Retro Classics: Curtain Up For Mercedes-Benz

The vehicle from the Mercedes-Benz Museum will be placed in a prominent position at the Entrance East, but it will actually only be one of numerous gems from the Swabian automobile brand that can be admired at the world’s largest historic and classic car exhibition.

Lighter without paintwork: W25 on the Nürburgring

The success story of the Silver Arrow started with a clever piece of trickery: during the technical scrutineering before the Eifel Race in 1934, the state-of-the-art W25 was one kilogram too heavy. In order to reduce the weight of the car, the driver Manfred von Brauchitsch arranged for the white paint to be stripped off – and piloted the car with a shining silver aluminium skin to its maiden victory. This powerful veteran will be displayed at Retro Classics 2018 together with a 420 SEC from the 126 Series during whose development the weight of the vehicle also played an important role: after the oil crises in the 1970s, economic criteria became more important besides comfort and safety.

Living brand history: 50 years of “Slash eight”

The huge stand of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in the new Paul Horn Hall (Hall 10) will feature numerous brand clubs which will present a wide range of vehicles – including many SL models – together with the Museum’s own trade brand All Time Stars. The 50th anniversary of the popular “Slash eight“ will also be celebrated: in January 1968 Mercedes presented this evergreen which went on to break all sales
records in the following years. A rolling history lesson will be given by the Benz “patent motorcar”, one of the first automobiles of Benz & Cie., whose origins from a horse-drawn carriage can be seen very clearly.

Premium Hall: classics on land and in water

A detour to the most south-western wing of the exhibition will definitely be worthwhile: in addition to the vehicles with the star emblem, there will be a great deal to discover in the Paul Horn Hall, for example the anniversary exhibition “50 years of Irmscher Automobilbau“, the Beuerberger Cargold Collection, the chic luxury electric speedsters from the company Tesla and the luxury boat specialist Riva (Stand A25). Riva’s “Aquarama Special”, a classic of refined driving pleasure on water, will revive the Mediterranean lifestyle of the early 1970s.

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Fantastic automotive legends from the four corners of the world with classic elegance await admirers of beautiful curves and hot engines.

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