Reborn Hero: Are You Ready For The Kremer K3R?

  • December 13, 2017
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‘Porsche Kremer‘ lives up to a legend that has its roots in the passion for the Porsche racing sport and is passed on by the knowledge of people who have been bringing out the best in a Porsche and its timeless design for decades.

As a tribute to the history of Kremer and as a prelude to a new era, Kremer embarked on the K3R adventure. Behind the Kremer team lies a wonderful and also exciting time: the development of the K3R through unique craftsmanship and detailed work. It is precisely this which makes the K3R an icon that brings the passion for performance and design to the road. “Since the first rollout in 1979, I have been more fascinated by the Kremer K3 than any other vehicle in the world. Its incredible driving qualities are only surpassed by its spectacular and muscular appearance.” says Eberhard Baunach, owner of Kremer Racing.

Like its great grandfather, the 935 K3, every newly created 997 K3R is unique in its subtle differences. This is certified by the ‘Original Porsche Kremer‘ emblem and its individual production serial number. “To me, the continuation of the Porsche Kremer Line means upholding quality and passion within the driving and racing sport. Thus, the K3R is also a visible and tangible statement about the legend we live on a daily basis.” summarizes Eberhard Baunach.


The basis – A Porsche 997 Turbo is the beating heart of the K3R

With its solid and robust technology, it fulfills all the prerequisites needed to build the unique K3R.

Your vehicle – The Porsche Kremer Upgrade for your 997 Turbo

You already own a 997 turbo and you want to add the legendary feel of the K3? We would be happy to make you an individual offer. Of course, we also advise and support you in selecting an ideal base vehicle.

The result – A Kremer ‘one of a kind‘

The Kremer K3R embodies the rebirth of a motor racing legend in a breathtakingly muscular appearance. Due to its incredible driving characteristics, adrenaline and endorphin release are guaranteed. Customized and individually cut like a beautifully tailored suit. The K3R is registered to drive on the roads and is utterly unrivaled. How could it be otherwise? After all, it is one of a kind.

The aerodynamic conversion is orientated around the Group 5 regulations from the 1980s. This flat-nosed machine provides significantly stronger contact pressure on the front axle.
‘Length runs’ is not only a term coined by sailors: we have pushed the dimensions to the limit of what is feasible (approx. length x width x height): 5025 mm x 1970 mm x 1295 mm
Its bullish appearance is only surpassed by its Nürburgring Nordschleife abilities.

The basic 997 Biturbo engine remains unchanged. On request, we will gladly offer you a 1:1 engine and gear revision. In addition, we can offer power increases of up to approx. 800 hp.
Chassis / Suspension
Bilstein Sport chassis with a ground clearance of only approx. 70 mm for optimal road hold-ing. Optionally, we offer you a Bilstein-based air-lift suspension (+/- 55 mm).
Wheel rims
3-piece BBS rims,
9J and 11J x 19 inch
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2
front axle 245/35 ZR 19 – rear axle 325/30 ZR 19
Interior design
Basic design: the entire interior retains the familiar 997 Turbo optics. On request, we will customize your K3R with roll cage, sport seats, leather, fabrics, wood or Alcantara.

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