Porsche 959SC By Canepa

Canepa recently unveiled a very special Porsche 959SC at Luftgekühlt 6, the Porsche show that has now become a worldwide phenomenon.

Specially invited to join the likes of legendary automotive icons and adoring fans on the backlot of Universal Studios, Canepa displayed the Carrara Weiss Pearl 959SC for all to see and was a highlight of the show to many. Revealing the Porsche 959SC-007 marks the 3-year anniversary of the first Porsche 959SC prototype, and the 1st anniversary of when the Porsche 959SC was announced to the public.

The Porsche 959SC (Sport Canepa) represents more than three decades of tireless testing, engineering, ingenuity and real-world experience in honing Porsche’s first supercar for the road. When Porsche announced that the 959 would not be available to any U.S. customers in the late 80s, it sent a proverbial shockwave through buyers, fans, and everyone else expecting to see the 959 on U.S. soil for the first time. Bruce Canepa then embarked on what would be a decade-long journey along with other like-minded individuals to get the Porsche 959 into the United States.

With the passing of the Show and Display law in the late 90s that ultimately allowed the first Porsche 959 federalized for the U.S., Bruce saw it through that the 959 was finally able to be driven on American roads. He developed upgrades and engineering solutions that finally realized the goal of bringing the car to America, along with continually developing and evolving the car and its performance. The 959SC today is a cumulation of that hard work, determination and sheer will to get a world-changing supercar and push it to levels never dreamed of before.

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Report by canepa.com

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