Official Ferrari Calendar 2019



The Official Ferrari Calendar, “Ferrari Myth 2019”, will certainly get Ferrari connoisseur pulses racing. The large-format cult calendar presents 2019 with two new features: you can activate the smell of the Ferrari shown on each page! And a separate app for smartphones lets you enjoy the engine sounds! Photographer, Günther Raupp, has captured all the new GT, such as the 812 Superfast in Italy. However, the sun, lighting and locations in Florida provide the best frame for Ferrari classics such as the 250 GTO or the California Spider. Each individual calendar is numbered and, as always, the overall circulation is strictly limited across the globe. Ferrari enthusiasts can view and order “Ferrari Myth” in the comfort of their own homes directly from Dispatch will take place strictly on a first come, first served basis.




Competitors come and go, but Scuderia Ferrari still sets the standard for greatness in Formula One. A red sea of fans with their flags, lining the racing tracks, emphasised the passion for Ferrari. This calendar provides all Ferrari Formula 1 fans with a thrilling and unfiltered proximity to the world champion team. Top photographers in this sport have chosen their best shots exclusively for this calendar – as always, brilliantly reproduced and printed. And many of the images may be used again to adorn the walls of fans´ rooms, restaurants or garages. The Official Scuderia Ferrari calendar is an absolute must for all Ferrari Formula 1 fans. You can view and order ‘Scuderia Ferrari’ directly from



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