Latest Speedback GT Commission Finished In ‘Blue Moon’

The most recent Speedback GT delivery is in the bespoke brilliant ‘Blue Moon’ hand-painted finish. A true example of personal expression, this grand tourer is destined for its new owner in Germany and is a showcase of the ability to offer beautifully handcrafted solutions for any style and bespoke requests.

This Speedback GT was delivered with 19″ polished stainless steel wheels with David Brown-branded tyres, designed and engineered together with British tyre experts, Avon Tyres.

Inside the cabin, this Speedback GT has a one-of-a-kind look and feel with Elm Burr satin lacquered wood veneers and a ‘Tabak’ tan leather interior that gives light colour shades to complement the tint of the extensive wood materials used throughout. All of the brightware has been milled from solid billets of aluminium and then plated in nickel chrome to provide additional warmth to the overall atmosphere.

Handcrafted using highly experienced artisans, the cabin of this Speedback GT has been handcrafted using eight hides of premium British-sourced leather.

The split tailgate encompasses a discreetly hidden picnic seat, deployable from the loadspace floor. The jewel in the crown of this Speedback GT’s interior options list is a custom drinks set that holds the owner’s preferred gin and tonic of choice, alongside two crystal highball glasses and a uniquely-made woollen picnic blanket, situated underneath the picnic seat. This bespoke addition can be specially designed for customers who want to serve passengers drinks, or to park up for the night and enjoy a quintessentially British G&T.

Over 8,000 man hours go into creating each Speedback GT with each car completely bespoke to its owner. Offering modern technology and conveniences, reliability and breath-taking performance alongside beautifully handcrafted timeless design, each Speedback GT is a piece of automotive art that can be used and enjoyed for years to come.

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