The Great British Brexit Rally 2019

The Dash to Independence Day from the EU – March 8 to 29, 2019 

The negotiations may have been long and tortuous and opinions are certainly divided but there is a way to bring back harmony
to our relations with Europe with the Great British Brexit Rally through every country in the EU in March 2019.

The Great British Brexit Rally (GBBR) will visit all other 27 countries in the EU in the last month of our membership,
finishing in Parliament Square on March 29, 2019 – the day we sever our bonds.

Starting in Brussels, the headquarters of waffles, participants will embark on the grand tour
planning their own routes to take in every country in the shortest possible distance in three weeks.
With two exceptions (Malta and Cyprus) every country in the EU must be driven through to qualify as a winner.
Extra brownie points will be awarded for those managing all 27 countries.

A prize fund of up to £80,000 (or 10% of the total entry fund) will be available giving odds much better than entering the Lottery. The top award will be up to £25,000 for the car driving the shortest route through each country in the time allotted for the event. Prizes will be available down to 10th place with a range of other special awards for the oldest car, best turned out, most fun, best team and spirit of the event.

With such a lot at stake each car will be tracked by GPS to ensure they fulfil the primary undertaking on this friendship tour to visit all other 27 countries in the Union. But, it should be fun as well and we will be asking each team to mark their progress along the way with photos posted on the GBBR website, on social media as well as filling in their own scrap book to remember this momentous, once in a lifetime, occasion. A host of other events are planned.

There is no element of speed, just judicious use of maps, skill and luck. There will be five points tat everyone must visits control so that the progress of each team can be checked to ensure they are keeping to the spirit of the event. Apart from that their route is entirely up to them.

Created by Bespoke Road Rallies Ltd it will be very much a friendship event designed to ‘say hello and wave goodbye’ to our neighbours with whom we have be ‘married’ to for the past 40 years.

While it is aimed at motorists from the UK, teams from other European countries are encouraged to take part and join in with the light hearted event.

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