Formula 1 All The Races – The First 1000 – Limited Edition

By Veloce
  • September 3, 2020
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High octane reports on every World Championship GP (1000) and every championship fought (70) in one supercharged volume. Nod and grin to those you know and love, be fascinated by those you don’t. Each race graded from Gold to Black. Read or browsed, it’s the best antidote to Formula 1 fever.

The Formula 1 world championship story race-by-race-by-race, focuses in turn on each arena where that worldwide gladiatorial combat was played out, from the raw danger of the first race in 1950 to the clinical technology fest of the 1000th race in 2019. This is a one-stop-shop, a single F1 volume of first resort. An informative history integrated with an extensive easy to use source of reference, all within one affordable limited edition. It is a book for drilling into F1 history at any given moment, or to enjoy as an easy ongoing storyline to be read cover-to-cover.

Specially developed fact-pods make information easy to find, and allow you to zoom in on the fact you want, assisted by maps,special illustrations, rare photos and ranking charts of driver performance over a convenient 1000 event sample. This unique book features up to date information, with a free download for the post April 2019 season results.


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