The Ferrari Portofino At Calvacade Classiche 2018

When you talk about Italy, there are several things that come to your mind: good wine, great food, beautiful landscapes, but one thing that is always talked about in a conversation about Italy is the Prancing Horse.

We as collectorscarworld were invited to celebrate the spirit of Ferrari in one of the most special country sides in the world, on the island of Sardinia, on which the exclusive event of Calvacade Classiche 2018 took place for the second time from 18th to 22nd of September.

More than 70 different classic Ferraris had taken the streets of Sardinia and rode along the coastline of this beautiful island. Several masterpieces of Ferraris history were on the starting grid of the exclusive field like the 1990 F40, the 1984 GTO (288), the 1954 750 Monza and the 1952 340 America. That was not only a celebration of cars, but also a possibility for all the Sardinian Ferrarista and car enthusiasts to celebrate their love for the brand. Leaving from the beautiful resort of Valle dell’ Erica, the cars made their way through the winding roads of Northern Sardinia to several different villages, like Alghero and Aggius

The drivers and their cars were celebrated like pop stars as we entered the inner-city streets which were all filled with people. Some school kid thanked me because their teacher had stopped their lesson only for the kids to go outside and celebrate the Prancing Horse.

I had the chance to accompany the event on the starting day in a brand-new dark blue Ferrari Portofino. The Portofino is a 2+2 GT with a clever folding hard-top and replaces the Ferrari California. Because of the not Sardinian-like weather on this very rainy Wednesday, I had the chance for a sufficient testing of the new, powerful retractable hardtop which transforms the Portofino in just 14 seconds from a very sporty, well-proportioned coupe into a racy and sharp convertible. You can also transform it while the car is moving below a speed of 40kph. As you look at the appearance of the new Ferrari, there are no uneasy lines, no stale elements. The colour is eye-catching and the looks are seductive and sexy or as I would call it: just Ferrari sexy.



When you enter the Portofino, it’s not that typical sports car feeling, but more like a cosy, comfortable Wellness-Ferrari as long as you are sitting in on the co-driver’s chair or right behind the wheel. But first things first, under the long hood sits the F154BD 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 engine which is the same as in the California T, but it’s completely reworked and blowing out 40hp more. That means 600hp pure car porn.



With that engine the Ferrari can be viciously fast if you want it to be, you can accelerate from 0-100kph in just 3.5sec and reach 200kph in only 10.8 sec. I had the possibility to unleash the beast on a free Sardinian motorway and I have to say that the two twin-turbochargers pack a Rocky Marciano-like punch. The power delivery is unbelievably progressive at an engine high of 7.500rpm for a highly stressed turbo.

You can hear the deep bassy sound even enough on automatic gearshifts of the seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox but if you want to have all sound effects and the whole package of elations, you have to use the mounted steering wheel-paddles and start to shift gears manually. Even in the rainy and wet conditions the traction control worked really well and there has never been a loss of control.

The cabin of the Portofino is where the revolution continues. Everything inside is a really high quality, for example the new 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with a second 8.8-inch side touchscreen, so your co-driver can check all driving information. The attention to details Ferrari put into the interior is really impressive.
The role of introducing new buyers to the brand seems pretty comfortable for the new Ferrari Portofino as it is one of the less expensive Ferraris ever at approximately 190.000€.
Last but not least I have to thank Ferrari for allowing us to explore the exclusive world of being a Ferrari owner and letting me enjoy the beautiful island of Sardinia in one of the most enjoyable cars ever!



Report by Thomas Denker for
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