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A passion for classic cars is the Ascott Collection company’s very raison d’être. Competition, technological innovation, history, beauty and rarity are the common characteristics of the cars which make up the collection.

A collection in constant movement: All the cars are ready to race
The Howmet TX, powered by a helicopter turbine, is particularly emblematic of the company’s DNA. Bringing such a machine back into racing took a good deal of passion, perseverance and daring. What a pleasure it is, though, to set its turbine whizzing at over 57,000 revolutions per minute in the various events it races in!

A collection in perpetual evolution
The vitality of passion is also to be found in the choices that are made in managing the collection. New specimens join it regularly and certain cars leave it to join other collections. It’s a natural life cycle. And occasionally, Ascott Collection parts with some vehicles… to acquire others.



A Brokerage Service

Satisfying the expectations of the most demanding collectors
Making full use of its wide experience, Ascott Collection possesses real ability to source and sell outstanding cars from all over the world, invariably providing informed advice.

Transparency is the cornerstone of Ascott’s ability to act solely in the interest of its customers and in complete confidentiality.

Focusing on the very finest specimens
Ascott’s philosophy rests on a selective approach to cars that stand out by their beauty, their history, their track record or their overall condition.

Independence and discretion
Thanks to its independence in terms of its capital and business interests, Ascott conducts each of its operations in the sole interest of its clients and in the utmost discretion.



1967 PORSCHE 910 027
Works car with a significant track record – Continuous, documented and uncontested history – Acquired 25 years ago by its current owner – From an important Porsche collection – Road registered in France

The Porsche 910 027, whose history is undisputed and fully documented, is on display at Retromobile for the first time. It has been part of the collection of its current owner for 25 years.



With only 28 copies of the PORSCHE 910 Coupé being produced by the factory, it is very rare to be able to acquire such an authentic PORSCHE 910, with such a noteworthy track record… and it is road registered in France. Find out more here.


1970 CHEVRON B16 #DBE-06
Entered in many international races in 1970 and 1971 – Significant race successes in 1970 with John Burton – An authentic Chevron B16 with an undisputed and documented history – Race prepared by a well-know Belgium workshop – Fuel tanks valid until 2022 and valid FIA HTP until 2027 – Eligible for Le Mans Classic

In keeping with the other cars produced by Chevron (from the 1965 B1 to the B65 built for the Group C category C2), the B16 was a truly emblematic car. It has its place in the history of the English craftsmanship of its time as a work of art – a car designed to embody lightness and finesse, and one that also chalked up numerous successes. Ascott Collection is now offering the Chevron B16 chassis # DBE04 for sale, one of the most reliable and fastest of the Chevron B16s, fully ready for racing: an authentic chassis built in 1970, with outings in particular at the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring, as attested by its fully documented history.



The Chevron B16, designed for Group 6 competition, saw the light of day in 1970. This category was reserved for prototypes, with no minimum production required. Derek Bennett saw in it an opportunity to impose his name internationally and, above all, a way to capitalize on his previous creations, from the Chevron B8 to the single-seater Chevrons (such as the B9 and the B17, both designed for Formula 3 racing).​

The B16 caught the eye right from the start. Carefully designed, it attracted attention with its low-slung body. The Chevron B16 was no higher than the roll bar of the Formula 3 cars that this true craftsman was building at that time. Derek Bennett made full use of the construction and design methods he already knew and did not try to revolutionize his winning recipe. The B16 was simply a more ingenious, optimized Chevron. The chassis took the shape of a shallow multi-tube frame, similar to Maserati’s “birdcages”. The riveted and glued body was made of aluminium, and was taken directly from the world of aviation. It also incorporated steel of different thicknesses.

The central section was made up of two tubular sub-sections bolted to the covered part of the frame. It was therefore not a true monocoque, a fact that speeded up faster repair work after an accident. This solution was chosen by Derek Bennett so as to be able to quickly offer an alternative solution to his customers of the time. There was no need to wait for a full new body to be built or to order a new chassis. It was a smart solution, similar to that proposed by Bruce McLaren on his Can-Am cars.

The Chevron B16 incorporated several other good ideas: the mounting of the oil reservoir at the front partially compensated for the weight of the driver. The doors had inbuilt intake ducts to cool not only the oil and the rear brakes, but also the driver. At high speed, the atmospheric pressure inside the cockpit caused small vents to open, thus allowing fresh air to flow through the cockpit itself. Driving in a nicely cool cockpit is always better than in an overheated cockpit, is it not?

Originally powered by a BMW engine (in the still-in-development prototype version), the Chevron B16 was subsequently fitted with a Cosworth FVA engine (renamed FVC). Later, one Chevron B16 was fitted with a Mazda Wankel engine, becoming the first car to line up on a starting grid with a rotary engine… thus heralding the 1991 victory! Find out more here.


1987 PORSCHE 962 CK6
One of the fastest and most reliable PORSCHE 962s in the Group C Championship  – The victory at Daytona Classic 2018 has completed a series of many victories since 2013

This superb Porsche 962 CK6, was manufactured in 1987 by KREMER and entered in Interserie and the Endurance Championship. Made from a Thompson honeycomb chassis, more rigid and solid than the chassis manufactured by Porsche, this Porsche Kremer is one of the leading cars in the Group C Championship in Europe. His last feat of arms is the victory at Daytona Classic in 2018.


  • 3rd in 2013 Group C1 Championship
  • 2nd in Group C1 Championship 2015. 1st Overall at Monza Group C race, 2015
  • 2nd in Group C1 Championship 2016
  • 2nd in Group C championship 2017. Race winner at Jarama in Group C, pole position at Spa
  • 3 time Daytona Classic Daytona 24 Hour winner 2014, 2017 and 2018
  • 2 time winner Le Mans Classic 2016 and 2018



Benefiting from an irreproachable follow-up and maintenance, its crack test and tank are up to date. The engine prepared by XTEC Engineering received new water barrels during its last overhaul. The electronic management is now done by a MOTEC, the original Bosch electronics having been stored. This Porsche 962 CK6 is ready to drive and sold with a large spare parts package. A 0 km spare engine overhauled by XTEC Engineering is available and can be purchased with the car. Find out more here.


To help you buy or sell a car, Ascott Collection offers you

  • A one-time commission payment calculated on the basis of the car’s price level, considerably lower than the rates set by auction houses
  • A commitment to obtain results in complete transparency, formalized in a sales mandate
  • A marketing strategy suited to the specific requirements of each client
  • Our market experience and knowledge of current market price trends
  • A commitment to straightforward dealing with both seller and purchaser



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