Batmobile By Copley Motorcars

Copley Motorcars handled some pretty amazing cars over the past two decades plus – 8 figure Ferrari racing cars, pre-war Bentley and Alfa, Gullwings, 507s and so on. This offering one of the wackiest, and most fun to date, the boffo Batmobile.

The Batmobile was finished earlier in this decade and while a “real” Batmobile manufactured under license from DC Comics, it is not “the” Batmobile as seen in motion pictures or television. Powered by a crate Chevy V8 with an automatic transmission and sporting power steering, the Batmobile wears a massive body made of fiberglass, mated to a Lincoln chassis. The Batmobile is outfitted of course with all of the superhero features for Batman and Robin to protect Gotham City – bat phone, emergency beacon, homing receiver scope, bat ray projector, detect-a-scope, parachutes and even a functioning – they’ve not tried it – rear exhaust flame thrower and more. The Batmobile comes to Copley Motorcars out of a small collection here in the Northeast USA and has seen virtually no use while being enjoyed as the conversation piece that it most assuredly is.

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