2002 Porsche GT2 By Hunting Ridge Motors

Driven just 12,000 miles, this flawless example is one of only 176 GT2s produced for the US market (world production 716). RARE and sure to grow in value.

Developed as a road car, the 2002 GT2 features a twin-turbocharged version of the engine from the GT1 racecar that won LeMans in 1998 with VarioCam Plus, bigger KKK24 blowers, a 9.4:1 compression ratio and boost pressure increased to 14.5psi. That translates to 462bhp and 457 lbft of torque between 3500-4500 rpm and a top speed close to 200mph.

The 2002 GT2 improved Porsches previous GT2 times at the Nurburgring with a 7 minute 47 second lap. Sometimes referred to as “The Widowmaker” for its mighty power output and lack of electronic driver aids, some believe it is one of Porsche’s finest driver’s cars. The GT2 bests the 2002 911 Turbo S’s X50 horsepower by 41. However, it is the intense weight reduction program that defines the serious nature of the GT2.

In creating the GT2, Porsche eliminated 220 pounds from the Turbo S on which it was based, bringing total weight down to 3,175 lbs. This involved removing the front drive axle, rear seats, the sunroof option, replacing the spare tire with a re-inflation kit and to serve a dual purpose, introducing carbon ceramic brakes (PCCBs) previously race-car-only technology. That saved 36.6 pounds and vastly improved the GT2s hot braking capability and unsprung weight. The resultant power-to-weight ratio pushes the GT2s top speed to 198 and a 0-62 of 3.7 seconds as opposed to the Turbo S’s 190 and 4.1 seconds making the 2002 GT2 the top of Porsche’s power tree.

Handling? The weight loss program also improved the handling as did lowering the car 0.8 inches. With stiffer springs and shocks, larger and stronger antiroll bars, a rear track of 59.8 inches and 18 light alloy rims with 235/40R18 and 315/30R18 tires the GT3 gained more cornering traction and rear stability and more Aero too! The aggressive front apron generates downforce and cuts under car airflow while huge nose vents direct air to radiators and brakes and an extractor vents air over the hood. A larger wing that is higher, extends further rearward and is adjustable between 1-6 degree improves downforce.

What numbers simply can’t describe is the feeling of accelerative G forces that pin you to the back of the GT2’s sport seats. Between 3500-4500 rpm you’ve got about 2000 rpm worth of holy hell acceleration to play with. No recreational substance can deliver the hit this car provides at 4,000 rpms. It’s intoxicating, causing you to slow, downshift, and do it again. Boost begins to dial back at 6200 rpm, so there’s little need to rev much beyond that. But ask it to, and the harmonically balanced six pulls smoothly and cleanly to its 6750-rpm limit before the rev limiter says “enough.”

This is truly one bespoke GT2. This 2002 Porsche 911 GT2 is finished in Seal Grey Metallic with beautiful Full Leather in Natural Brown.

Beyond the extensive list of standard accessories it is additionally equipped with Cruise Control, Carbon Fiber Interior Package, Aluminum Instrument Dials, A/B Pillar and Roof Leather Lined, Leather Front and Rear Consoles, Leather Sun Visors, Leather Covered Steering Column, Three Spoke Steering Wheel in Leather and Carbon Fiber, Sport Seats with Paint to Match Backs, Porsche Crests in Headrests, Footwell Lighting, Leather Covered Dome Lamps, Brake Handle and Shift Knob in Leather and Carbon Fiber and much more. The original MSRP exceeded $201,000.

The car retains all it’s original paint with absolutely no damage. Included is a fully-documented service history, Certificate of Authenticity and all original tools, books and keys.

This immaculate GT2 is beautifully optioned and in need of nothing except one very lucky new owner.

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