2002 Ferrari 360 Challenge race car

Copley West

Copley West is offering the 2002 Ferrari 360 Challenge race car with 94 miles.

Copley West sold this car new at Ferrari of Orange County in 2002 to a local fella that wanted to join the Ferrari Challenge racing team…the car never left the dealership. Then Copley West sold to a gentleman that wanted to use it for track events and have fun with the family at the track…that was 2003, he used it twice, never raced or campaigned it and today it has 94 miles on it…no coincidence to the racing number on the car!

Ferrari competition cars built by the factory for sole use on the racetrack are special cars indeed and very rare as only a small amount are made each year. They are purpose-built racing cars, not street legal and have thousands of upgrades, changes and re-engineered components over their street-legal production based counterparts.

But what really sets this Challenge car apart is that it has not been raced and only has 94 miles on it over its past 18 years since leaving Maranello. Most of these racers have hundreds of track hours on them, thousands of miles and many collisions that sadly, go along with the Challenge Series and racing. This 360CH has just been Ferrari dealer serviced and would make the perfect “track day” car or would be a special car in a Ferrari or race-car collection.

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Report by copleywest.com

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