1992 Porsche 964 Carrera Cup By Canepa

Many Porsche fans know of the 964 Carrera RS America, Porsche’s U.S. version of the fabled 964 Carrera RS, created and delivered due to the demand from U.S. customers.

However, another 964 variant was also released, albeit in such small numbers that you had to be in the know to even hear about them being sold. These special 964s are known as the Carrera Cups, the ghosts from what would have been a national race series in the U.S. With so few built but with an incredible background history with the relationship of Porsche and ANDIAL working together, these Carrera Cup cars are nothing short of legendary.

Exclusive to the U.S., the Carrera Cup championship was slated to have 45 spec 964s raced by individual teams. With the entire allotment of 45 sold out with others on the waiting list, there was no trouble filling build slots. Learning from their Porsche 959S importing issues, the Carreras were imported as street cars to avoid unnecessary issues while coming into the country. Immediately they were sent to ANDIAL for racing modifications that brought them to their spec level for racing. This including removing the interior, tweaking the engine for more power, adding a roll cage, suspension modifications, reinforcement welds on the chassis, lightweight body panels, and other equipment needed for racing. Only 25 of the 45 cars were converted by ANDIAL before the unthinkable happened: Porsche was unable to secure a title sponsor for the Carrera Cup, leaving the series dead in the water before it even began.

Porsche had 45 very special cars they needed to sell. In a flip reversal, Porsche commissioned ANDIAL to reverse the 25 conversions that they had already completed, returning them to street-legal specifications. The other 20 cars that were currently waiting for conversion were already street legal and were distributed to dealerships across the U.S. At a MSRP of $78,340, the Cup cars commanded a 20% premium over a regular C2. The 25 cars that were converted back to street cars were able to keep many of the upgrades such as the chassis reinforcement, weight reduction and some of the power increase. Each of the 45 cars received a special dash plaque that denoted the car as a Carrera Cup car.

This special example of the 1992 964 Carrera Cup car holds a unique place in the history of the series, as this was the final example converted by ANDIAL before the abandonment of the Carrera Cup series. Painted in white and given the full conversion, it was returned to street-legal spec and given to Carlsen Motor Cars of Palo Alto to sell to the public. On its original window sticker, it notes a $13,740 option denoted as the “Carrera Cup Edition” package. This included the following on the now street-legal car: lightweight aluminum hood, sound deadening and undercoating removed, sport flywheel, steel transmission synchronizers, modified suspension with different struts and spring rates, different calibration for the brake system, manual steering, master electrical shutoff in trunk, partial electric seats, removed rear seats, no sunroof, racing electrical charging system, 36 amp hour battery, race type engine mounts, manual mirrors and adjustable sway bars. Included with the purchase was a special plaque that denoted the car as the 25’th produced by ANDIAL, and one of the original cup cars. Due to the modifications, the first owner was asked by Porsche to sign a declaration and waiver stating that they understood that the car would handle differently than a “normal” Porsche 964. Don Patterson gladly signed the waiver to become this car’s first owner.

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Report by canepa.com

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