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Porsche’s legendary 911 Carrera RS 2.7 models are considered by many to be the greatest classic 911s of all-time. Both the “Carrera” and “RS” model terms had been used previously by Porsche, going back to the mid-1950s in reference to their numerous victories in the famous Mexican open-road-race. “Carrera” was in honor of the race’s name-sake victories and “RS” for Rennsport or literally “Racing Sport.”

The Carrera RS 2.7 name was introduced and the vehicles put into production so that Porsche could enter FIA and CSIA sanctioned events that required a minimum number of “homologated” road-versions. In this case the minimum production number required was 500 units. Demand for the model was so high that in the end Porsche completed more than three times that number.

Compared with a standard 911S, the Carrera 2.7 RS had a larger 2.7 vs 2.4-liter engine. The new engine developing 20bhp more at an official output of 210bhp at 6,300rpm. As with the 911S, T and E models, Bosch Mechanical Fuel Injection was utilized with a recalibrated injection pump as well as revised engine cam, ignition and injection timing. A vastly revised and stiffened suspension, a “Ducktail” rear spoiler, larger brakes, wider rear wheels and rear wings further set the model apart from earlier 911 models.

In RS Touring form it weighed 1,075kg / 2,370 lb. in Sport Lightweight form it was about 100kg / 220lb / lighter, the saving coming from the thin-gauge steel used for parts of the bodyshell and also the use of thinner glass. In total, 1,580 were made, comfortably exceeding the 500 that had to be made to qualify for the vital FIA Group 4 racing class.

911.360.1048 Then:

This particular 911 Carrera RS 2.7 is a very early, “M472 Touring” third-series production example completed on April 19th, 1973 for a Swiss enthusiast named Kurt Swigler. The order was quite involved and the vehicle extremely heavily optioned for normal road-use. (The long and detailed list of original options, features and colors is noted above.)

This was one of only 42 examples completed in “Bahia Red, one of the rarest and most desirable colors offered. It remained in Switzerland with the original owner for 16 years before being sold to the the Milton-Keynes, UK classic car dealer, David Alston. His ownership was ultra-short and it was sold next to Mr. R. Janes in London. Janes retained the car for two-years before it was once again in classic car dealer ownership. This time with Mark Pullicino Classics in London. A formal inspection report completed at this time indicated the car was remarkably original and that it had covered 59,997 kilometers / 37,280 miles since new. Pullicino enjoyed the car for several months putting on and additional 5,000 plus kilometers in the Spring of 1991, but the car soon thereafter found longterm ownership with English collector Leston B. Nay on June 10th, 1991. At the time of his purchase in 1991, the odometer was recorded at 65,600 kilometers / 40,761 miles.

Nay would keep the car for the next 28 years which would include a significant move when he was relocated to Waltham, Massachusetts. In order to complete legal importation and road-registration, Nay had the car shipped to the Port of Houston, Texas for follow-on shipping to Wallace Testing Laboratories. The Federalization process, while mostly focussing on documentation processing took several years. NTHSA full approval was finally issued to Wallace Labs on April 11th, 1994. The car was then shipped to Massachusetts and delivered to Nay. It would remain with Nay in Waltham over the next nine years until Nay made the cross-country move to Scottsdale, Arizona.

After arrival in Massachusetts, Nay had a new clutch installed, along with modern oil-fed Carrera-type chain tensioners, new heat exchangers, and a new muffler. While the internal structural parts were found to be in good condition, a front fender and a left-hand door skin were replaced and repainted by West Foreign Auto Body of Natick, Massachusetts. This also required application of a new OEM black Carrera script. In 2012, the owner commissioned a full engine overhaul by European Performance Engineering, also in Natick.

911.360.1048 Today:

This all matching-number, rust and accident free Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 is strikingly original and correct and a rare opportunity to acquire what many consider to be the ultimate Porsche 911. All services and safety checks are current and up to date. The air conditioning system has just been serviced as has the fuel injection, high pressure pump. Fully refurbished and reconditioned correct Sport Seats and fully refurbished seat tracks have also just been installed. All fluids and filters have been changed and the car ready for any manner of immediate, enthusiastic use.

Having had just three private owners from new and the previous owner for more than 28 years as well as having compete and documented history going back to new, one would be hard pressed today to find a better example anywhere.

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