1964 Volkswagen T1 “21 Windows” By Ruote Da Sogno

The Volkswagen T1 is a “strange” object, a symbol of the ‘60s and ‘70s, which was born of the vision of Ben Pon, Volkswagen’s Dutch importer. In 1947 Pon noticed a curious trolley set on the body of a VW Beetle used for transporting materials in a factory. The brilliant idea was to transform that strange object of work into a road vehicle. Thus was born the project that took the name Type 2.

Production began in 1950 with the intention to offer families a low-cost vehicle for travelling comfortably, but its success was far greater than had been hoped. The “Samba bus” became a true cultural revolution and the hippie movement made it its ideological manifesto tied to the new lifestyle in freedom. Obviously on four wheels.
Production of the T1 ended in 1967, though the same cannot be said for the passion for the Volkswagen minibus, which still today is a legendary item for collectors.

This perfectly restored 1964 T1 21 Windows is available for sale in the Ruote da Sogno showroom in Reggio Emilia.

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Report by ruotedasogno.com


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