1964 Shelby 289 Cobra Roadster By Symbolic International

CSX-2462 was invoiced new to Shelby American Motors on May 26th, 1964 as a standard, left-hand-drive road-version completed in the standard colors of white with black trim as well as a black soft-top and optional black hard top, AM Radio and 64-spoke, chrome-plated “knock-off” wire wheels. It was dispatched one week later on June 1st, 1964 and sent by ocean vessel, S.S. Loch Loyal to Shelby American Motors, Los Angeles, California.

Upon arrival, instead of being sold, it was instead retained by Shelby and dispatched to the FORD Motor Car Company regional offices in Sebring, Florida where it was assigned demonstration duties. CSX-2462 would remain in Shelby inventory longer than just about any other road-version completed. It remained in Florida for more than a year until late in 1965 when it was shipped back to Shelby American Motors in Los Angles. It remained in inventory there again for another six months, until finally being sold for the first time on May 10th, 1966, nearly two years after being completed.

The original purchasing dealer was Hi-Performance Motors of Los Angeles, California and the original selling invoice price was $4,300. The car was purchased as a new vehicle by Arlo Meyer of North Seminole, Florida. Meyer intern then offered the car for sale in 1973. At the time of the sale, the car retained both the original soft and hard tops but it was now painted red while retaining the original black interior.

The car was purchased shortly thereafter by Randall Almiral of Hemlock, Michigan for a selling price of $8,250. Almiral, the car’s second owner would keep the car for the next 34 years covering some 40,000 miles during his ownership. At some point, Almiral had the car stripped and painted silver and fitted with a red interior which was again later changed back to black. In January of 2007, this Cobra joined a very prominent West Coast collection which then undertook a very sympathetic restoration retaining all of the rare original components. Work was carried out by the well known specialists, Collin Comer, Mark Allen and Mike McCluskey.

Today, this rare, rack & pinion, 289 Cobra remains one of the most correct and original examples in existence having never been raced or damaged in any way. Interested buyers are welcome to contact me to arrange for inspections and test drives.



Report by symbolicinternational.com

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