1964 Daimler 2 1/2 Litre V8 by Albion Motorcars

The Daimler 2 1/2 Litre V8 is the more aristocratic brother of the Jaguar Mk2. Equipped with a 2,5 litre V8 engine, it offers a different kind of driving experience with an emphasis on comfort. Apart from a Daimler grille and a more luxurious interior it looks very similar to the Jaguar Mk2.

This example was delivered new on the 10th of June 1964 to Hotel Albert Premier in Brussels – Belgium, finished in Opalescent Gunmetal with Red interior just as it is now. The car was ordered with an automatic gearbox, as it was used to chauffeur guests of the luxury hotel. In 1989, the car was sold to a French owner, who spent some money on the car to get it back in good condition. This is all documented in the file. Then the Daimler was sold in 2006 to an Italian collector, who had the car completely restored and brought it back to its original condition. Again all documented with invoices and pictures of the restoration. During this restoration, the Daimler was equipped with a factory power steering system from the later Jaguar XJ6, which fits perfectly to the luxurious driving experience. Finally the car came back to the country where it was delivered new, and it got a Belgian registration again. The last gentleman owner used the car to visit his local golfclub and entered the car in an organised trip to Scotland which turned out to be a fantastic experience. The car is kept in immaculate condition, and is now ready for a new custodian. This Daimler V8 is of course full matching nrs and colours, and is probably one of the best around. Driving this fantastic looking car is quite special, sitting in a luxurious and beautifully trimmed leather interior with a nice V8 rumble in the background. It is amazing how this V8 engined Daimler offers such a different driving experience compared to a six-cilinder Jaguar Mk2. And the automatic gearbox is indeed the perfect match for comfortably wafting around. The fit and finish of this example is from a very high level, and the colour combination of Opalescent Gunmetal with Red hide is just gorgeous.

A Daimler 2 1/2 Litre V8 Saloon is a stylish cruiser which can be used on a daily basis. It is still one of the most beautiful saloons ever made, and comes with a luxurious interior and real world performance. So if you dare to be different, this may be a good alternative for a modern saloon car at a similar costing price. The only difference is that this Daimler will keep its value (if well maintained), while the modern car will devalue each year. For some this may be a tempting choice…

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